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Fast Freddie was released by the Bills. Who the heck is running that show up there?

So RB needy teams should show some real interest in Jackson who has looked like he still has thread on his tires in the 3rd preseason game. Who calls, who gets him? The Cowboys should have already sent the jet to pick him up. Maybe the Browns if for no other reason than to muddy up the waters in Cleveland even more. Who am I over looking? Who needs Fred Jackson?


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Dallas makes the most sense. He has played on bad teams his whole career, so I can't see him signing in Cleveland.

NE would be a good fit too. Jets maybe.


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Okay here we go...

Jets - anyone really think Ivory will last all season? Ridley still has not played.
Browns - West, Crowell have not been doing well, and the rookie is concussed.
Houston - is Blue the Foster answer?
Colts - LOVE this idea, they need another vet to back up Gore and can run and catch *******
Tenn. - Sankey isn't it, and Cobb slightly in doghouse for work ethic, solid vet to help both?

Don't buy NE, they have too many guys as it is.

Dallas? - Nope, no way Jerry admits he made bad choice in Randle, Dunbar and McFadden. Too much ego
Falcons? - two youngsters are beat up and not really showing...need solid rb to help team
Carolina - Rookie backing up perpetual injured J.Stew. I like this choice best in NFC***********
Arizona - yes they just signed CJ2k, but is he the answer and can he really help?

If I am Fred, and want to be sucessful, I call Indy and say I will hold Gore's Jock.


Agree I'd want in Indy but that would hurt the heck out of Gore owners. Agree that Carolina makes a ton of sense. I wish I'd have thought of that one. Good mind PhiCin.

Jets - Nope, they'll hang with Ivory.
Browns - Nope, already a huge mess there.
Houston - Nope, Foster will be back very soon.
Colts - Love it but hope it doesn't happen.
Tenn - Nope, to dumb to do something smart.

Dallas - Nope, makes to much sense.
Falcons - Maybe, they seem to thrive on ex-Saints.
Carolina - If they're smart they'll jump on this right now. They are smart so this is where he lands.
Arizona - Nope, the CJ"no"K signing showed me their elevator doesn't make it to the top floor.


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I agree with the assessment on Dallas. Should sign Fred yesterday. Jerry won't do it though.

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It does make sense, they were teammates in Buffalo, and they got along well. F.J. could be a stabilizing force for Lynch, and he won't fear replacement. Plus Fred is an excellent 3rd down option as a receiver.


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F.Jackson signs one year deal with Seattle. He is the new handcuff for Lynch