How much of the draft will you watch?


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Wondering. I'm hyped for the draft but my interest usually fades fast. I will watch Thursday, and if some players slide to round 2 particularly a QB I will watch a little Friday. The weekend I doubt I watch much other than a quick glance going through the channels. Probably will watch more NBA and NHL this weekend than the draft. Will read a couple of wrap up articles to see how things ended up, particularly looking at wrs, rbs ahead of fantasy draft season.

Interested and hoping to see Rodgers finally get traded. I'd also like to see Lamar get traded though I think that's a long shot but would make for a fun discussion. Wondering how the Texans will turn out, feels like they are going to botch this one too.

Other thoughts...

I think Skoronki will be an all pro type player year after year if the team that takes him leaves him at guard. I don't know why a team would rather have a serviceable tackle rather than an all pro guard.

Rooting for the Packers to trade Rodgers and then load up on WR and TE. Love could use the help but also a little petty play against Rodgers I could see them doing.

Patriots probably won't but they really ought to draft a wr. Can the Pats actually draft the right wr?

In spite of the bad press I still think Stroud is the 2nd best QB in this draft, if he goes after Levis and Richardson I think that's a mistake.


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I wii watch all of rd 1, most of rd 2, and listen to radio about other rounds while doing chores