Hold outs and key roster situations....


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Okay, lets go through these issue by issue....

Houston - they have made it clear to me that they are willing to live without Jadaveon Clowney. They are actively listening for offers, and allowing him and his agent to visit teams. Now, since he is FTed and not signed the tender, Clowney has some power in where he goes, to a point. If the team says too bad, they are out NO money, and He would have to sit all year with no money either. So I assume some trade will happen at some point. Team that gets him though has to know they are risking him leaving as they cannot negotiate a new contract this year.

Dallas - it has come down to a game of chicken. Pure and simple. Zeke is bucking the system, trying to get paid earlier than normal for a young Rb due to how short the length of a career for a Rb is. But he has absolutely no power here. Dallas will have 2 years left on his deal next year (one full year and one option year) regardless of when or if he comes back due to being past the August 6th date. I am shocked somewhat as by all reports Dallas blinked first and offered him a deal that would make him the #2 rb paid. My gut tells me this is more due to language they are requiring than $$$$. That said, Zeke has an ego, and this time it may bite him more than usual.
Key here is ....who blinks again first - If Dallas can show they can play well with Pollard and Co in first few games Zeke is screwed. IF they play poorly, Dallas may have no choice but to offer more to get Zeke back in. It all comes down to how good O-line is and how good they make Pollard and Co. look.

LA Chargers - same basic thing here. Gordon wants paid, he has no choice but to sit and wait for $$$$ and do the Bell thing. So LA has to decide where they want to spend their money. If they play well with Ekeler and Jackson, they can tell Gordon to go blow, or work a sign and trade deal. It all comes down to how they do during first few games IMO.

Indianapolis - Luck has retired, and while I was very sour on this due to having him in one league, he actually has done them a HUGE favor. They are built well now, they have an incredibly solid O-line, with top Wr in Hilton, good Rb in Mack and other tools - Ebron, Doyle and so on. IF Brissett is decent, they will still make the playoffs and see first hand if they want to draft the Qb of the future in next draft or not. Even if he plays poorly, that will only enhance their chances of getting one of those Qbs in next draft, which is a good Qb draft. Plus, they have even more cap space, which was already quite a bit, to sign key FA to go with young Qb if they like.


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Both RBs have limited leverage. I get why they do it with the limited window they have to make $ and where they are run into the ground after 4 years. Both Dallas and Chargers may get good enough production from the backups which would kill the chance for these guys to get the huge deal.


I think it's high time the owners stand up to these "me first" guys and force them to follow the rules that their union negotiated. Sit their asses at home without paychecks a few times and players will stop doing this. Of course that's easier said than done if your team is sucking hind teet without their big headed heros.