Contrarian qb play this week for tournament lieneups


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Ok so Im pretty sure there are going to be tons of people on Brady, Roethlisberger, Rodgers, Rivers, Carr and probably even Wentz and Hoyer.

So for the tournament what qbs do youbexpect to be sparringly owned that have a small chance to go nuts.

Ive got a couple im thinking of rolling with

Stafford vs. Eagles

Eagles defense is killing it and Stafford just underperformed.agaimst the Bears. So thinking low ownership but Stafford is at home. Could suprise?

Fitzpatrick vs. Steelers - I think he just threw another interception as I typed this but that kust means low ownership and Chiefs and Seattle d I believe are better than the Steelers d, this past Monday not withstanding.

Tannehill vs. Titans. 10 days to regroup froma road beatdown to the Bengals. Do have some major concerns with the weather in Miami.

Guess the other thing I am thinking is in all three cases qbs coming off bad performances and in 2 cases, lions and jets, playinv a team that is feeling a little too good about itself aftwr their best performances of the season for the Eagles and Steelers.

Another qb I thought of is Luck. as bad as the Colts oline is, but I just cant see Luck being contrarian any week. Eli maybe?

A bit of a caveat, i think you be crazy to play Fitz, Stafford or Tannehill in a double up or 50/50.

Looking for a tournament play hail mary.

Right now i am rolling with Stafford paired with Marvin Jones.

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agree Lynch or Anderson, none of the others will do much of anything


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Derek anderson not in play as Monday night not an option.

Results, Stafford looked pretty good in the first half but a rough second half and I finished out of the money in my tournaments. Brady or Ben was the play. But cant blame myself for not playing them as %of teams that had one of those two in the lineup was through the roof. Would have had to make all the right calls on the other guys to finish up the list.

Won my double up so not a total debacle.

Lost $12 this week.

I lose patience with trying to grind out wins in double ups and go for a big score. That usually results in a drop in my available draft king funds. Ramen for me this week. Lol.

Back on the horse this week.

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