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This one is the constant mess. Remade it again, looking a little better but a bad week matchup wise. I kind of want to get Jonnu in there but really tough to trust the Tuesday game. .5 ppr

QB Brees vs LAC (Chargers let Brady get 5 TD...)
RB Gordon @ NE
RB Hunt vs IND
WR Boyd @ BAL
WR Emmanuel Sanders vs LAC
TE Kittle vs MIA
Flex Justin Jackson @ NO (likely trailing, he catches the passes maybe?)
DST 49ers vs MIA
K Tucker vs CIN

BN Godwin OUT
BN Roethlisberger vs PHI
BN Hines @ CLE
BN Jonnu Smith vs BUF


Looks okay to me Gizzil though I'd consider Ben over Brees. You're right though about his matchup. Six of one and a half dozen of the other I guess.


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Pats cancelled... Titans had a positive test also... Maybe grab Gage quick? drop hines? Play hines? Pick up a Monday scrub?