2019 NFL Schedule


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Here is the thursday night games:

Sept. 12: Buccaneers at Panthers (NFLN)

Sept. 19: Titans at Jaguars (NFLN)

Sept. 26: Eagles at Packers (Fox, NFLN, Amazon)

Oct. 3: Rams at Seahawks (Fox, NFLN, Amazon)

Oct. 10: Giants at Patriots (Fox, NFLN, Amazon)

Oct. 17: Chiefs at Broncos (Fox, NFLN, Amazon)

Oct. 24: Washington at Vikings (Fox, NFLN, Amazon)

Oct. 31: 49ers at Cardinals (Fox, NFLN, Amazon)

Nov. 7: Chargers at Raiders (Fox, NFLN, Amazon)

Nov. 14: Steelers at Browns (Fox, NFLN, Amazon)

Nov. 21: Colts at Texans (Fox, NFLN, Amazon)

Dec. 5: Cowboys at Bears (Fox, NFLN, Amazon)

Dec. 12: Jets at Ravens (Fox, NFLN, Amazon)

Dec. 21: Saturday games TBD (NFLN)


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Monday night Games:
Week One – Texans at Saints , Broncos at Raiders

Week Two – Browns at Jets

Week Three – Bears at Washington

Week Four – Bengals at Steelers

Week Five – Browns at 49ers

Week Six – Lions at Packers

Week Seven – Patriots at Jets

Week Eight – Dolphins at Steelers

Week Nine – Cowboys at Giants

Week 10 – Seahawks at 49ers

Week 11 – Chiefs vs. Chargers in Mexico City

Week 12 – Ravens at Rams

Week 13 – Vikings at Seahawks

Week 14 – Giants at Eagles

Week 15 – Colts at Saints

Week 16 – Packers at Vikings


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Saturday December 21st NFL will have a triple header - but teams are listed as TBD
Here are the games that could take those slots:
begin at 1:00 p.m. ET, 4:30 p.m. ET, and 8:15 p.m. ET: Lions at Broncos, Raiders at Chargers, Bills at Patriots, Rams at 49ers, and Texans at Buccaneers.


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Sunday night games:
Here’s the full slate of NBC’s Sunday night games:
Week One, Steelers at Patriots;
Week Two, Eagles at Falcons;
Week Three, Rams at Browns;
Week Four, Cowboys at Saints;
Week Five, Colts at Chiefs;
Week Six, Steelers at Chargers;
Week Seven, Eagles at Cowboys;
Week Eight, Packers at Chiefs;
Week Nine, Patriots at Ravens;
Week 10, Vikings at Cowboys;
Week 11, Bears at Rams;
Week 12, Seahawks at Eagles;
Week 13, Patriots at Texans;
Week 14, Seahawks at Rams;
Week 15, Vikings at Chargers; and
Week 16, Chiefs at Bears.


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Not a Raider fan (obviously) but that schedule is brutal. 5 straight road games (one disguised as a home game in London), all in the eastern time zone. Yikes.


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The Bears had an easy schedule last year, tough one this year and have not really added anything to the roster. As of now they look like they will slip back a couple of games from 12-4 to 10-6 or <gasp> 9-7.

Trubisky stepping up from last year's "good" play to "better" is their biggest hope


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Who would have ever thought that we'd ever say the Browns are appointment TV but they have the imagination of the nation in 2019.


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Cowboys with a tough schedule. Patriots, Rams and Saints all on the schedule. And I saw several more tough games. Is Goodell trying to hold Cowboys down? Come on give them some creampuffs. Would be nice to play the Skins and Raiders 4 or 5 times, but still say they can have a good season. Lets call it conservatively 13-3, Jack Daniels says why not?


If he's really trying to hold the Boys down he'll suspend Zeke for 6 games for the Vegas incident. If he does that you may be on to something. Nice to see you Hike.