LeSean McCoy rb Buf - allegations

Discussion in 'Outlaw NFL Fantasy Football' started by Phicinfan, Jul 11, 2018.

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    I'll see if I can find the one I read but phics first post corroborates.
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    Who cares what the friend said? She wasn't even there was she? It's what the victim says that matters. I'd guess that the friend misunderstood what the victim told her happened. We'll know soon enough anyway.
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    Any thoughts that McCoy is some good guy in a white hat are fading rapidly.
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    You are comparing apples and oranges.

    The original tweet from the FRIEND of McCoy's girlfriend stated this particular issue was due to McCoy, and he in the past had abused her, the child and the pet dog.
    It has since been found that those pictures are from the recent event (robbery) and that during the assault the assailant knew exactly what jewelry she had, and asked for same pieces McCoy had been demanding back. Add to that, no signs of forced entry(had a key??? no idea) and the alarm had been cut off and security cameras removed.

    The lawyer is stating what they know as facts, the post was from the friend who is making assumptions AND some pretty nasty allegations.

    So, I still think there is some concern here
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  6. Phicinfan

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    There were two women at the site of the robbery, only the girlfriend was attacked.
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    to further this story.......

    first there have been three police visits to this particular house owned by McCoy, where the former girlfriend lives now.
    None have been due to violence though - all involve McCoy attempting or his family attempting to remove furniture or items from the house. In all three cases, the police informed McCoy, or his family members they have to go through legal proceedings...which I believe is now going on.

    Again, to be clear - none of those other three were for domestic violence.

    Now this - one issue though - the camera's. One of these calls was made by the girlfriend while traveling in Virginia, when her security cam app on her phone showed folks entering and removing things from the house. Thus, the removal of the security cameras by McCoy.

    It wasn't until this final attack and robbery, by an unknown assailant that the issues are really coming forward. This assaillant specifically asked ONLY for the jewelry McCoy was requesting back. Then attacked the former girlfriend and the female friend on site when they would not comply.
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    The best McCoy can hope for is a friend that is willing to take the fall and tell police that he knew of the items McCoy wanted back but that McCoy never asked for him to go get them. Even then McCoy will be suspended by the NFL IMO.
  9. efactor

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    Disagree. Unless they find the guy who robbed them and he rolls over on McCoy, NFL won't do anything. Pretty hard to suspend someone on speculation that he "might have" been involved. I think the league showed with the Foster ordeal that these types of claims can be false towards the guy who has the money to pay.

    Think league showed with the Foster situation that they are going to tread lightly without some kind of proof. Not saying they won't find something that ties McCoy to this, but they won't act until they do.
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    Pretty spot on..................

    Derek Jeter should have written a book on sports relationships. Bang hot women but don't get into a relationship until your playing days are over and you are ready to commit to one of them. No kids out of wedlock. No messy relationship drama on social media. Pretty simple playbook to follow.
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    Derek Jeter should write a book on winning at life. Period!
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    So as a follow up....
    McCoy has one suit against him by his girlfriend who lived in his house in Atlanta, and now is out.
    but his other "girlfriend" who has a child with McCoy has filed a supporting suit against McCoy infering his actions in the previous case and accusing him of abusive behavior on their son.

    McCoy denies it, and states this is activity due to a very contentious custody battle

    Still, a whole lot of smoke here, wonder if there is fire.

    Buffalo is fully supportive of McCoy, and he has been open and forthright about what is going on......

    No statements yet from NFL
  13. Phicinfan

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    Okay great article here on ESPN.com on what is happening with McCoy. This is such a mess, and if he is innocent, I hope he counter sues since they are basically calling him crud.

    Link: McCoy's ex-girlfriend to offer $20K reward for info

    Key items:

    My gut says, if they find any tie at all of McCoy to the assailant, or any proof of any abuse - he is on the suspended list
  14. Phicinfan

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    Per the news conference today - care of ESPN.com
    This is really not starting to look very good for McCoy.
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    Sucks to be a man these days.

    In her statement, Maisonet says...in the same breath " LeSean has PHYSICALLY ABUSED THEM, oh, and he takes back his gifts <for SHAME Lesean> and "other aggressive behavior""

    I didn't realize taking back a gift was considered aggressive...Unless he gave her a tongue ring. :eek:
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  16. Phicinfan

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    Depends on how you take the gifts back. One report I heard was he was ripping jewelry off of girl friends bodies....that ain't right
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    Never did much care for anyone that gives a gift and then they take it back. Those people plain out suck. We had a term for them that I grew up with. I won't use it now to keep from upsetting the Native Americans.
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  18. Deacon

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    In all fairness, it doesn't seem odd to anyone else that the only source of information at this point is the girlfriends attorney?
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  19. Phicinfan

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    No, not really.
    Ever since the Ray Rice debaucle, the NFL has kept to itself on investigations. I will say McCoy is playing this correctly don't fall into her game, stay calm and let the legal process run.
  20. Deacon

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    I was speaking more specifically about the police. The girlfriend's lawyer made an effort to point out that McCoy is not cooperating with the police dept. It is odd to me that he would do that when the actual police dept. is not complaining or making any statements whatsoever other than 'we have found no evidence linking Mr. McCoy to any criminal activity'.

    It appears the girlfriend's lawyer is trying to paint the case in the court of public opinion which leads to the assumption that they have nothing else to rely on.

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