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    I'll be drafting from the 6 spot in my local league and I've been kinda thrown for a loop with this Zeke suspension. Reason being that I just assumed that he'd go 3rd overall and I'd be left drafting either Julio or ODB. Now I feel certain Julio and ODB will go 4th and 5th overall and I'll be left to choose between the likes of McCoy, Green, Evans etc.

    So... Who do you all like at that point? I'm leaning either McCoy or AJ Green right now. Both can be top 3 at their position if health cooperates. Anyone have a preference between these 2? Anyone you'd take over these 2?

    Pretty standard scoring overall. With .5 PPR and some yardage bonuses if you hit 100+ yds rushing/receiving
  2. KillerFins

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    Mike Evans would be my choice, but they are close.
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    I second this
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    Make it three.
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    Courtesy of Rotoworld -

    Mike Evans was a top-12 fantasy scorer in just one of the final eight weeks of last season.
    He finished outside the top-40 receiver scorers in four of those eight weeks. At his 1.07 overall ADP, Evans is presently being drafted as if his extremely volume-driven first-half success should be the expectation, but Tampa Bay's defensive improvement, run-game commitment, and weapons upgrades in DeSean Jackson and O.J. Howard suggest Evans is likely to lose north of 25 targets off last year's career-high 173. You can read more about Evans' situation in Rich Hribar's "Winning, Losing and Plays" column at the link below. Jul 6 - 12:15 PM

    This initially kinda turned me off of Evans at the 6 spot... guess I'll have to reconsider.
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    Things that make you go hmmm. It's not so clear cut after reading that tidbit.
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    There's ways to spin a negative twist on any player..even the best at their position.

    This WR Scored 5.5 or less points in 4 games last year. He also missed 2 more games to injury.

    This WR also scored 50% of his points in 4 games.

    Still want him?

    His name is Julio Jones.

    I wouldn't sweat the additions of DJ and Howard. Rookie TEs rarely ever show out, and if he's eating into anyone's work, it's likely Brate. DJ isn't a high volume player either. He'll eat a bit of Evans targets, but he probably hurts guys like Humphries and Brate way more.

    I don't think that run game really scares anyone. I don't see TB as a running team by any means.
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