Bill Belichick to the NYG?

Discussion in 'Outlaw NFL Fantasy Football' started by mudloggerone, Jan 6, 2018.

  1. Phicinfan

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    Sorry, I don't buy that. I have no doubt that Cle offered the Houston pick. Now that being said, the Houston pick when this was all going wasn't going to be that high. The fact its #4 now, wasn't known then. But I have no doubt a first rounder was offered by Cle.
  2. JScott

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    I still think people are underestimating the Hoyer piece in this. NE had already traded Brissett, and if they were dealing Graps they would have no one behind a 40yo Brady. No other team offered that aspect, a good backup who already knew the system, along with a pick.
  3. efactor

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    Why? Because it was reported without any sources?

    The fact that it was the 4th pick wasn’t known then but with Houston sitting at 3-4, it was known that it would be a much higher pick than top of the 2nd round.

    Anyone can report anything and it means nothing without a source. Journalism used to have some credibility but in the age of internet click bait reporting, that is gone. Might as well have said they offered both #1 picks. Don’t need a source either way so what does it matter?

    Now if Sashi Brown came out and said it, that would be believable since he was the one making the offers.
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    Up to you to believe or not, too many other reports from multiple sites have said it was ongoing, and one conversation with Hue stating they offered it( or discussed it) tells me the talks had happened.
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    Yes, I get that, what you seem to be missing is the fact he HAD to trade Garp, and yes being able to get Hoyer made the deal better. I also get that Cleveland would have had to have sent someone a bit less than Hoyer, but they had the Qbs to offer.

    The point remains, a Team that prides itself of being ahead of the curve, suddenly decides right before the deadline ...Oh CRAP, we have to deal Garp....and we need a back up Qb ....

    I JUST ...... DON'T .......BUY ........ IT
  6. JScott

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    I'm not missing anything, I just don't buy all the speculation out there like you and others are. Everyone's piling on the Wickersham story but no one's come forward, even anonymously to back up any part of it. Even Yee, Grap’s and Brady’s agent said there aS nothing to it... On the record.

    I'll give you that I even raised an eyebrow when Grap's was traded and thought they could have got more but I'm not buying into the conspiracy theory. That makes even less sense than the trade itself.
  7. efactor

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    Well, Sashi was fired and part of the reason was that they didn’t get the deal done and SF did. Kind of strange that he hasn’t come out and said they offered NE the Houston pick if they really did. Not like he would be throwing anyone under the bus if it’s true.

    Sure, it might have been “discussed” and Hue might have pounded the table and said “do it” but was the offer of Houston’s pick ever made? I don’t think so or they would have taken it as that was a big difference in value. Belichick is so successful because every detail is important and prepared for. The he was doing Jimmy a solid spin is BS IMO with that much difference in draft value on the table as is he was screwing over Kraft and himself by getting way less value than he could. Now if Cleveland was offering their 2nd and a mid round kicker, then I could see where Belichick might consider both the best situation for Jimmy as well as the angle of moving him to the NFC with less value on the table.

    As stated earlier, a lot of critics of SF when they made the deal, citing giving a high 2nd for a guy with a lack of track record who is going into free agency meaning you either give an unproven guy a big contract or franchise him. This whole deal was not a slam dunk when it was made, but only after he performed like he did. Hindsight is the greatest thing ever invented.
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  8. Phicinfan

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    Okay then what? I ask again, this franchise has set the standard for dealing players before they time out, and to get maximum value. SOMETHING had to have changed, to force this trade. I get, at this point San Fran offering a top 2nd round pick and a Qb they could rely on and had history with as a back up makes sense. But how do you get to that point to start with?

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