Will Levis available, Flacco too...


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Sigh, really did NOT see that coming with Geno. Doubt I will get him back for the Philly game as planned. Anyway, Levis became available. Minshew just got dropped as well. Here is what I have for now... made it to 7-5 and in 6th now

QB Pickett vs AZ
WR Mike Evans vs CAR
WR Waddle @ WAS
RB Jerome Ford @ LAR
TE Kittle @ PHI
Flex Javonte Williams @ HOU
DEF Denver @ HOU
D Micah Parsons (.75)
D Daron Bland (5.75)
D Jordyn Brooks (2.5)

BN Baltimore BYE
BN Jake Browning @ JAX
BN Rashee Rice @ GB
BN Kareem Hunt @ LAR (I could maybe go after D'Ernest Johnson or something... But I feel like I should lock down Cleveland)
BN Brandin Cooks (12.5, damn shoulda played him! I dunno that Evans gets much work this week)
IR Josh Palmer (Ugh this looks bad)
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Not a fan of Levis
Last I heard Godwin is a GTD, so Evans should be solid
Minshew has done pretty well, I might lean that way but Arizona is a crappy D


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It/yahoo is showing Browning as the best matchup somehow. Indy's outside coverage is awful though. And Minshew vs that pass funnel seems good. But yeah I still kinda have Pickett as my starter, even if he is probably the worst actual QB of the 4. I am kinda wondering why Minshew is there though


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I went with Pickett following the Cardinals will have a bad game narrative. My season is probably over with that… Pickett neck broken… Levis at least has a fumble forced and fu,blue recovery,