Which 3 WRs for PPR and #2 RB


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Demariyus Thomas vs. JAX
Anquan Boldin vs. ARI
Antonio Brown vs. NYJ
Hakeem Nicks vs. CHI
Austin Pettis vs. HOU
Reuben Randle vs. CHI

Giovani Bernard vs. BUF
Eddie Lacy vs. BAL
Marcel Reece vs. KC (handcuff for Darren McFadden)


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Reece isn't the handcuff, he may see touches though.

Like Lacy for some reason.

Thomas is a must, Nicks and Boldin. Boldin is the iffy for me, as Peterson will cover him...so Brown instead may be the option


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Yeah I picked up Reece but I'm thinking of dropping him and picking up either Terrelle Prior or stashing Percy Harvin...I'm 5-0 so I can kind of afford to stash...the only thing I worry about Lacy is his lack of receptions and it's a PPR league. But Bernard kind of had a clunker last weekend and it looked as though BGE outplayed him a little. And Bernard lost a fumble.


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For this week I have a hard time with Boldin, Nicks, and Antonio Brown, because of the corners on them. Even Randle will have Tim Jennings on him (depending on how the Giants roll out their three WR) and he's no slouch. OK I'm a homer but still... I agree yuo have to go THomas, the rest are a little rough, though I'm sure the Giants score vs. Bears. Of your RB if it's ppr consider Reece... if not fagettabotit
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Yeah...I think I have Nicks, Brown, and Thomas in there right now. I'm a little worried about this week. Luckily, I'm playing the last place team but you never know in fantasy. I'm 5-0 and hes 0-5. Upsets like that easily happen