Waller sitting his revenge game


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What a disappointment. I had this one circled as a huge Waller day. Full pod with crazy bonuses for long plays. Musgrave could be good, rams kinda weak vs t,e. Also ferguson just sitting out there. I’m a lil nervous the cowboys could be a trap game for the eagles, especially because hurts still doesn’t look right with intermediate routes and foitwork. Njoku and Logan Thomas also there. Also I guess I’d have to drop Waller or Jerome ford, so far it won’t let me I.r. Waller on Sleeper site.

QB Hurts vs DAL
QB Herbert @NYJ
RB Mixon vs BUF
RB Mostert vs KC in germany
WR AJ Brown vs DAL
WR Keenan Allen @NYJ
WR Garrett Wilson vs LAC
Superflex Jordan Love vs LAR
K Justin Tucker vs SEA
DEF Cleveland vs AZ (hate holding two defenses but the schedule looks really good for me to keep both, play Cleveland in playoffs)

BN Etienne BYE
BN Waller OUT
BN Sutton BYE
BN Gabe Davis @CIN
BN Jordan Addison @ ATL
BN Doubs vs LAR
BN Jerome Ford vs AZ
BN Dallas @Phicinfan

IR Kyler Murray ( I will have to drop somebody for his return also)


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I would get Ferguson or Musgrave, both should be solid. TEs always hurt Philly


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Now that’s some insider info! It would not let me write @ PHI without the cinfan lol


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You think just drop Waller? Hang on to ford? Waller only had his good games with Taylor


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Oh feel you there. I was hoping there was a Keith Hernandez esque story in there