Underdog Best Ball


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Each of the few years I've done Underdog Best ball. Intention is mostly to get an idea of where players are getting drafted in preparation for my drafts later. I know it's best ball so there are some different strategies but ai do feel like it's helped me prepare. they have $3 and $5 drafts. Which I like because it's a few bucks on the line so people take it seriously enough but not so much your out a lot. Nice to win but mostly if I can break even or do a little better on the best ball drafts while preparing me for the drafts to come I consider it a win. Last year was lucky enough to do a little better not quite doubling but close and preparing me.

But frustrating thing this year is I've entered several small drafts and keep getting picks 8-10 out of twelve, supposed to be random I thought but keep getting those picks and was hoping to build a couple of teams with an early pick or even the 12th pick to see what those would look like.

Anyway long story short do any of you have recommendations on free mock sites where people show up and make picks rather than letting autodraft take over?

Also last year I took advantage of drafting Garrett Wilson, Olave and Christian Watson quite a bit and also got good contributions from D Pierce in the middle rounds , but I was largely unsatisfied with where the rookies went in the draft this year and feels like there isn't a ton of value to be had with these rookies. Bijan is going round 1 and most of the time by pick 6 or 7. A little uncomfortable with that early a pick even in a run heavy offense with Ritter at QB and a questionable line, the wrs outside of maybe Jordan Addison are on teams where they look like they will be the three and or/run heavy offenses. Most of the sleeper rbs Charbonnet or Ibanikanda for example have lead backs ahead of them. Gibbs a possibility not a deep sleeper but I suppose he has good value if he slips to round 4 maybe? But he is going round 3 is that still value?

Outside of the rookies I loved Jameson Williams but missing 6 games hurts for sure and I worry that he will need some time to develop chemistry which I thought he would do early season and be ready for the late season, but now it may be a third year breakout with him with the suspension.

Ridley's been going in the 4th or early 5th. Theoretically that's value but he has been out of football a good while not just last season, feels like I need to see him on the field.

Still a lot of time I guess before August drafts but I'm stressing I don't have a great feel for this upcoming season.