Turns out, Hyde is on the Texans


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So I only have what 20 minutes? Ugh... .5 ppr

QB Darnold vs OAK (maybe take another look on waivers)
RB Chubb vs MIA
RB Guice vs DET
WR Marvin Jones Jr @ WAS
WR Metcalf @ PHI
TE Fant @ BUF (seems like maybe I should look to change this as well)
Flex Michel vs DAL (A big TD game has to be somewhere?)
DST Lions @ WAS
K Tucker @LAR

BN Mahomes
BN Tyreek Hill
BN Hyde vs IND
BN Marquise Brown @ LAR


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I have Michel out on the bench but as I was posting this I was thinking "you can't not flex one of these starting RB" lol


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Leave as is, Indy has been very good at limiting Rbs the last few games.

As for Michel, Dallas D sucks...so you have a shot at red zone TDs at least


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I keep flip flopping... Really need the win... grrrr. Hollywood and Michel have both been nothing for a while