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So this league went from 12 to 10, and the commish was like hey you play a ton of fantasy what should we do... And because we are on a weird site this year (Sleeper) which I don't find very easy to mine information on... I did not notice he changed it to 2 QB before he asked me. So I said I would make it a Superflex or 2 QB league. So this is now a 10 team, 2 QB with a Superflex League. There are some wacky rules too like Pick 6 are -4, sacks against -1 and Kickers are penalized for misses pretty harshly. -1 for missed xp -2 for missed fg. There are other wrinkles like odd bonuses for 50 yard plays that are like 5 points etc. (A 50 yard rush TD would be 5+6+5+4+2, a 22 point play... a 50 yard receiving td is a 24 point play, if I am following this correctly) Anyway, I always argue to get rid of kicker and DST. He makes it even more convoluted.

As a result, I drafted QB first and second round, then wanted Russ later but did not get him. Also I went a little early with Kicker. And for the first time in season long kinda went 0 RB, though it was not the plan I was one pick away from Chubb and one pick from Pollard. Sadly. But I was ecstatic to get the QB I did in rounds 1 and 2, especially picking 8th. For example, the dude just after me took Lamar and Mark Andrews 1st and 2nd. I hope I didn't hype QB too much. It seemed like I got the best team, but weak at RB. Full point PPR, QB TD's are worth . 10 team league so plenty on waivers. Like tons of dudes. notably, Mostert is there. Bigsby. Mckinnon. Maybe drop Perine or Davis or just drop Toney if it lets me?

EDIT: It let me drop Toney for Mostert

QB Hurts @ NE
QB Herbert vs MIA
RB Etienne @ IND
RB Mixon @ CLE
WR AJ Brown @ NE
WR Garrett Wilson vs BUF
WR Keenan Allen vs MIA
TE Waller vs DAL (he seems "fine," but this kinda scares me it is Sunday night)
Superflex Jordan Love @ CHI (I think he should shred the Bears, and maybe is better than people think, plus have to go QB right??)
K Justin Tucker vs HOU
DST Dallas @ NYG

BN Javonte Williams vs LV
BN Perine vs LV
BN Pacheco
BN Mostert @ LAC
BN Doubs @ CHI
BN Sutton vs LV
BN Gabe Davis @ NYJ
IR Kyler Murray
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Solid team and love the depth at QB. Having Murray in the hole really helps