Thielen gets spicy post game


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So Adam Thielen basically called out Kirk Cousins saying that he has to be able to hit, and I'm summarizing here, all the throws he needs to hit.

Also calls out the play calling, saying that they can't be a run-first team because you can't have a 180 yard running back performance every week "even if you have the best running back in the game".

Apparently Stefon Diggs is highly irritated as well, hasn't spoke to the media in over a week and immediately exited the locker room in full pads when the media was allowed to walk in. Completely disappeared until media availability was over.

Throw your head coach and quarterback under the bus, that's the perfect way to build team unity and to hopefully improve going into the next week.

Must have gone to the Antonio Brown School of Team Building


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I wouldn't consider Thielan a problem for stating the truth. It's not like he was spouting innuendo or opinion. Those were cold hard facts.

btw: those were the facts when he was in Washington the Vikings just choose to ignore them.