Starting Rice??


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I guess Atell is basically cuttable as the 3rd dude now for the rams. I did not want to drop Charbonnet either but the whole Javonte thing isn't really settled and there weren't any other usable backs around that I know of. Standard with QB 6 point TD... As always I'm probably screwed if Burrow sucks. I could go grab some pretty awful pieces if I wanted, Daniel Jones is there...

QB Burrow @AZ
WR Waddle vs NYG
WR Rashee Rice @ MIN (I had Tutu in but then I heard that Rice's matchup grade was very very good)
RB Javonte Williams vs NYJ
TE Kittle vs DAL (hasn't done anything either)
Flex Doubs @ LV
DEF Baltimore @ PIT
D Micah Parsons @ SF
D Joey Bosa vs DAL (Got a 0 last time and has three sub 1 point games. Is he just a drop? Or that was training camp for him)
D EMPTY SPOT, probably fill if Javonte can go to the IR or just drop McLaughlin

BN Jaleel McGlaughlin vs NYJ (Teams have been doing weird things before TNF weeks with their backfield)
BN Tutu Atwell vs PHI (he may be a cut)
BN Mike Evans BYE
BN Jerome Ford BYE
BN Josh Palmer BYE
BN Jordyn Brooks BYE (could be worth holding through the bye)