Saturday games... Tuesday games


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So this is getting pretty unpredictable and scary. I had a plan, was probably going to bench Fournette, even thought about benching Taylor because playoffs and Belichick could sell out to stop him. Also a lot of my other guys are in danger of not playing or aren't until Tuesday or maybe their QB or line won't be playing. So maybe just play the studs and hope? Opponent already played Herbert for 27 points and the LAC kicker for 4. Standard with 6 point throwing TD

QB Stafford vs SEA
WR Devonta Smith vs WAS (Tuesday, but many Washington defenders could be missing)
WR McLaurin @ PHI (Tuesday, may not have Heinicke but Heinicke doesn't seem to like him)
RB Jonathan Taylor vs NE (Saturday game, woof matchup)
TE Foster Moreau @ CLE (good matchup, freakin Tuesday though so any pivot would have to be soon)
Flex Fournette vs NO (was really bad vs NO earlier this year. Does have the clear lead role however)
K McManus vs CIN
DEF Tampa Bay vs NO (Taysom Turnover machine)
D Darius Leonard vs NE
D Jayron Kearse @ NYG (No Daniel Jones, was thinking he could feast, many other options available though... Van Noy, Denze Perryman come to mind)

BN Javonte Williams vs CIN (splitting with Melvin, but originally had him over Fournette)
BN Sony Michel vs SEA (he and Henderson combined for a big day vs SEA earlier in the year. But I am hoping Stafford gets the TDs so...)
BN Russel Gage @ SF (looks like the legit #1 here. I originally had him in over McLaurin)
BN Darnell Mooney vs MIN (Monday, and a LOT of Bears have Covid, but looks like the only relevant player on Bears)

IR Waller @ CLE


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I'd stud it up and hope. Rona has devastated my playoff teams. Thankful for the few byes I have.


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Make sure McLaurin is playing, he was banged up. Saints run D is pretty good, I might play Javonte over Fournette


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Really sweated that one out. 23 for Taylor and 9.50 for Leonard. Allen Robinson was ruled out. Vikings are worst vs WR in the league. Seriously considering starting Mooney over McLaurin as we have no idea on WFT QB. Then again in my mind Devonta Smith is an alpha, but in reality hasn't been doing much of anything. Maybe he is the sit or Gage and Mooney are the hot hand. It looks like Henderson will play, so Michel is not really an option then. Javonte was my original starter, but a lot of people saying Bengals won't allow the rush like the Broncos have enjoyed the past couple weeks


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Play Mooney and then decide on either Smith/McLaurin.....

Vikes cut one of their starting CB and they arent that good against the pass to begin with


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Lost by 4... So literally if I made any of the other decisions woulda won. I hate fantasy football. I really do.