Rookie Qbs - where taken and who they compete against


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I am not ranking the Qbs in this thread, per say. I am listing them in order of drafting, and listing key issues and or strengths

1) Kenny Pickett - Pittsburgh - He was considered by many as the top Qb in this draft and most pro-ready - doesn't have a cannon arm but is accurate. Only competition will be Mitch Trubisky and Mason Rudolph - Net could be starter by mid-season
2) Desmond Ridder - Atlanta - He was the most experienced with 3 full years of starting and generally improving each year. He has a pretty good arm, and decent accuracy, but he has his ups and downs and not always consistent. His only competition will be Mariota. So could be starting by mid-season, especially if Mariota gets hurt again.
3) Malik Willis - Tennessee - He was considered the most high ceiling Qb, can run, has cannon for an arm, basically a more rough version of Josh Allen. Tannehill will start all of this year unless injured so he has at least a year to learn.
4) Matt Corral - Carolina - He was at times last year expected to be one of the top Qbs in this draft, then had some issues. He is mobile, but not a super arm. However, he has a great shot at starting as he only has to beat out Sam Darnold.
5) Bailey Zappe - New England - drafted to eventually be the back up for Mac Jones - he is a developmental Qb
6) Sam Howell - Washington - another Qb expected to be top flight last year that fell off. He is mobile and can be solid, he will be developmental this year with Carson Wentz before him and Heinicke as well.
7) Carson Strong - Undrafted - signed by Philadelphia - He was expected to be the next coming and didn't do well. I find this interesting as it is a solid Qb developmental move by Philly, and not too much pressure on Hurts for competition. IF they hit on him he will be a contract steal. He has Hurts and Minshew ahead of him so no pressure to start early.

IMO rest are just camp arms or developmental list candidates.