Prisco's Pick


Coming at you
He picked all the games so far and almost nailed exact scores.
Not trying to be an assssss, but I just have to say:

So, he KNEW Huntley would fumble an almost certain TD and the Bengals would return it 99 yards for a TD and a 14 point swing changing the entire game? Sooooo he knew that the Chargers would blow a 27-0 lead because their coach is an absolute moron?

As an aside, I have gotten them all right too and I think the Cowboys win tonight as well. Although I should have gotten both the Bengals and Jags games wrong. Both those teams should have lost. Also, Dolphins/Bills should have been a blow out. Bills could have scored virtually every possession if they ran a more balanced offense. As a fan, it's fun watching Allen play mad bomber and no complaints, but the short pass was open all game. They should have put up 50 on that defense.

Media guys aren't any more in the know on games than educated football fans and guess just like we do :cool: