Pierce over Taylor, Lazard over Davis


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Seems like no Josh Allen, so that one is easier. Taylor is getting all types of love though and technically no injury designation. He cost me a win with that Washington game though, and while I have more points than playoff teams thanks to last week’s 180 points (in a standard, huge, had fields and mixon) Probably have to win out at this point. I also was thinking of playing Steelers d over KC. I picked up TJ Watt as well, they say he will not be on a snap count and I was thinking could be a monster day on Dalton. Oh and I have fields over Dak. Glossed right over that one. Standard with 6 point qb td

QB Fields vs DET
RB Etienne @ KC
WR Mike Evans vs SEA in germany
WR Lazard vs DAL (td 5 of 7 games, trusted target, etc)
TE Everett @ SF (hasn’t been great)
Flex Dameon Pierce @ NYG (they do hive up big plays)
K Santos vs DET
DEF KC vs JAX (Steelers seem like a sneaky play vs NO outdoors)
D TJ Watt vs NO (may be risky)
D Derwin James @ SF

BN Mixon BYE
BN Gabe Davis vs MIN
BN Jonathan Taylor @ LV (the raiders give up a ton on the ground, dudes are abandoning ship mid season, Saturday, while sure underqualified, must know that his only chance of success is Taylor, then again, he bombed vs was and cost me that critical w)
BN Dak Prescott @ GB ( going to hang on to him for now, Fields has a couple tougher matchups upcoming, and do not trust.)