Phic's week 1 observations


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Just going to do a weekly blurb if for no other reason than to vent... :D

1) Cleveland - Hype was way too much, but the team is very talented, don't hurt yourself jumping off the band wagon that quickly...
2) Houston - Dear Mr. O'Brien. Please inform you studly franchise QB, that if he has a free play due to off sides by defense and throws an interception, HE does NOT need to be in the tackle. Instead he should stand and wave and watch the person spend energy while he remains safe.
3) Houston - Dear Mr. O'Brien. Please inform you studly franchise Qb he is NOT a bowling ball, or Superman, and going out of bounds to protect himself from a hit rather than launching himself in the air to get pummeled to get a TD is way too risky. Thanks.
4) Denver - Hey Mr. Elway - Flacco 21/31 for 268 yards 1TD, 0 INT - C. Keenum 30/44 for 380 yards 3 TDs and 0 INTs - Not sure it is the Qb that is the issue here. Just saying.
5) Cincinnati - Take heart Cincy fans, to go TO Seattle and almost win on the road in that stadium with those fans is HUGE! Love the D-line and the running of 5 DL ! Innovation in Cincy is a scary thought. Oh, and I am amazed you taught Ross how to be a Wr!
6) Dallas - Dear Mr. J. Jones - don't think you want to wait on contract for Dak with them playing Washington next..... just saying. $$$$$$$$$
7) Green Bay - ONLY new HC to win this week was LaFluer... and it was without a doubt the ugliest game of the week. What is that about?
8) Kansas City - Dear Coach Reid, I realize you love your toys, and I realize you could not help yourself in getting McCoy for free as an FA, but for some of us who have D. Williams and rookie Rb.....can you please share better?
9) Baltimore - Hey Lamar Jackson - YOU DA MAN, you threw for 5 TDs and made yourself look like a pro Qb Congrats! Now, you also basically played the Little sisters of the Poor to get those stats. So my advice is don't beat your chest too hard there sir. Same note to Baltimore fans by the by...
10) Atlanta - You got your Stud Wr signed, you also got your Qb extended. But you might want to get a new HC and system in there..... HOT SEAT #2
11) Arizona - Your rookie Qb LOOKED like a rookie Qb early, but kudo's for coming back to tie that game. I was not a big believer, but am staring to warm up to Mr. Murray.
12) Tampa Bay - Hey Bruce Arians - You actually need a stud Rb to cover for a crappy Qb. Thank GOD they did not extend Winston for you to have to live with. Enjoy the Tank game, and get you a stud Qb in the next draft.


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Watching Cle last nite, their biggest problem on offense is play selection. How many times on 1st and 10 were they trying to push the ball 20+ yds downfield? How bout mix in some run plays on first and second down. Then you can effectively utilize play-action when the LBs start biting on the play fake. Offense could never establish any kind of rhythm cause the play calling was so disjointed.


Expert on nothing, opinionated on everything
Yeah, need to do my week 2 observations, but key is they are pushing the ball down the field too much, and not taking what defense is giving