Phicinfan's 2020 NFL Mock draft #3 - with latest rumors incorporated


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Okay lets try this again, and see if what I hear is correct.

1) Bengals - Joe Burrow Qb LSU - this is pretty much a given now
2) Redskins - Chase Young DE Ohio State - need OT, need WR help, need help all around, but put this guy on the edge and they have a top defense in NFC East that they could win
3) Lions - Jeff Okudah Cb Ohio State - yes I hear the rumors on them talking to Tua and other rookie Qbs , and lets face it Stafford is getting older, and has been banged up. But this is a Belichick disciple at HC, and I don't see them going Qb this early with the money they just sank into Stafford. That being said, Detroit DOES want to move down, and if Jags or LAC move up to get Tua, this could be a spot. But I think cost is too high.
4) Giants - TRADE - Jacksonville Jaguars - THIS is the move. Detroit is asking too much, and Giants have CLEAR need. Trade is 1.09 this year, Ngakoue and a 4th rounder or so this year. Player to pick - yep you guessed it - Tua Tagovailoa Qb Alabama! Why the deal? Jacksonville needs to build for future and they need to bring in fans. This move allows them to play Minshew, and let Tua get fully healthy and learn and gets them some value for the DE they tagged.
5) Dolphins - Qb Justin Hebert Oregon - well rumors better be right, cause I do see someone moving up over them to get Tua, whether at #3 or #4. I also don't think Miami wants to trade up cause they want to use there assets to improve this team. For the record, the Dolphins will eventually send a thank you card to Jacksonville for taking Tua from them.
6) Chargers - Well, top three Qbs are off the board. So its time to address the real need here on this team, and not reach for a Qb this high. Jedrick Wills Jr OT Alabama - can play right or left OT and will help solidify an OL that has under achieved forever.
7) Panthers - LB Isaiah Simmons Clemson - I have had them taking DT Brown all this time. But this defense lost its heart and soul with Keuchly retiring, and Simmons can play inside, outside and even S if needed. Too good to pass on.
8) Cardinals - OT Tristan Wirfs Iowa - Have to protect the Franchise in Kyler Murray.
9) Giants - due to earlier trade with Jacksonville - Change in plan here - Giants defense was the worst in the NFC and maybe in the NFL. With the earlier trade they got a much needed pass rusher in Ngakoue, now they get the best DT in this draft to more solidify the line - Derrick Brown DT Auburn.
10) Browns - Wow, are the Browns breathing much easier. With the trade down, and two OTs being taken, they had to think they were screwed here. But they get a top flight OT, and fill a much needed hole at OLT - Mekhi Becton OT Louisville
11) Jets - HAVE to get Sam Darnold help. They simply have to. They need a ton, but you have to have something for Sam to develop. Jerry Jeudy Wr Alabama.
12) Raiders - C. J. Henderson Cb Florida, every one has them going Wr, but I don't. They have to fix this secondary and value at Cb drops after here.
13) 49ers - made this trade with Indy to get a player that is younger and cheaper - Javon Kinlaw DT South Carolina
14) Buccaneers - got to protect the Franchise - Andrew Thomas OT Georgia
15) Broncos - Wow, need Db help, need Wr, and more - taking tools to help the new Qb - CeeDee Lamb Wr Oklahoma
16) Falcons - Trevon Diggs Cb Alabama - have to fill the need on defense
17) Cowboys - going DL here, to make the defense better, but this is a reach IMO. - K'Lavon Chaisson DE LSU

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Expert on nothing, opinionated on everything
a18) Dolphins - time to fix the defense more - Xavier McKinney S Alabama
19) Raiders - Wr is a need, and they got the Cb they needed earlier - Henry Ruggs III Wr Alabama
20) Jaguars - need Cb, DL and TE - but value simply is not there. LB is also a need so lets get them a LB that could play inside or outside - Kenneth Murray Lb Oklahoma
21) Eagles - need LB, need Wr and now who do you take as there are two great prospects from LSU to choose from. Much to my surprise I do think it will be Wr, "I" would go LB, as it has been a constant need - but they have to get Wr talent in this draft - Justin Jefferson Wr LSU
22) Vikings - Need Cb and Wr and the talent at Cb isn't good here IMO. So time to get a Wr to replace Diggs and get some speed on the outside - Brandon Aiyuk Wr Arizona State
23) Patriots - Need edge rush and a whole lot more, but I don't see Qb here. So we go Yetur Gross-Matos DE Penn State
24) Saints - they are doing cartwheels here!! LB is a need and one of the best ILBs in this draft is there - Patrick Queen ILB LSU
25) Vikings - up for 2nd first round pick and Cb need has got to be addressed - A.J. Terrell Cb Clemson
26) Dolphins - now to address more for young Qb of the future, and probably the ONLY Rb taken in the first round - D'Andre Swift Rb Georgia
27) Seattle - interesting fact, Seattle almost never takes its first round pick, it always seems to trade down, and get top talent with extra picks, and that happens again - TRADE - Chargers - Jordan Love Qb Utah State - value here is good, as price is lower and still get 5th year option. This will cost them some picks - probably their 2nd rounder and some more, but it gets Chargers their QB of the future.
28) Ravens - need LB and OL - and LBs have been pretty well picked over - so lets get best interior OL to fix the loss of Yanda and get depth on OL to help the offense -
Cesar Ruiz OG/C Michigan
29) Titans - Josh Jones OT Houston - need to replace Conklin loss.
30) Packers -
Tee Higgins Wr Tennessee - need to get help for Adams and Rodgers
31) 49ers -
Jaylon Johnson Cb Utah - yes, yes they need Wr, but they need Cb help as well
32) Chiefs -
J.K. Dobbins Rb Ohio State - they need a Rb that can catch, can run and can replace Hunt. This kid is actually a real Hunt clone in that sense.