Phicinfan's 2020 Mock Draft #2 - As expected to go


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So enough of what "I" would do, and all the crazy trade rumors. Lets go back to what I have been seeing with all the discussions.

1) Cincinnati - Joe Burrow Qb LSU
2) Washington - Chase Young DE Ohio State
3) Detroit - Jeff Okudah Cb Ohio State
4) NY Giants - my first conundrum - They NEED Defensive help, AND they need O-line. I have to believe they go O-line to protect their top two Offensive tools - Tristan Wirfs OT Iowa
5) Miami - Here is my second conundrum - They will go Qb, but I am hearing more and more concern on Tua, and the fact he has had as many as 5 surgeries in college. That being said, Miami has Fitzgerald in place AND Rosen as well, so the pick will be Tua Tagovailoa Qb Alabama, and he will sit all year, get fully healthy and Miami will continue to fix the line and get him tools
6) LA Chargers - Justin Hebert Qb Oregon - I think its great they like who they have, but reality says they have to get the franchise Qb. If they wait, he will be gone to Jacksonville. So he has to go now.
7) Carolina - LB or DT - that is the question. I have to go DT - he is safer pick, not a tweener and will strengthen a HUGE weakness right now for Carolina - choice is Derrick Brown DT Auburn
8) Arizona - Simply MUST take OT - they have to give the Qb more time and more safety. Mekhi Becton OT Louisville is a load, and he will help protect the Qb and make holes for the running game.
9) Jacksonville - Yeah, I have had them going Qb. But you have to draft for need, and they need to restock the Defense. You can't keep letting great talent drop. So the choice is Isaiah Simmons OLB Clemson - to replace pass rush they will eventually lose. FYI - I have seen some discussions of the fact that Jacksonville might go trade with Ngakoue and this pick to move up. But what to move up for is the question
10) Cleveland - Jedrick Wills Jr OT Alabama
11) NY Jets - Jerry Jeudy Wr Alabama - its a must, the only question is will it e Jeudy or Lamb
12) Las Vegas - C. J. Henderson Cb Florida - I am still here. Yes Wr is a HUGE need, but the depth in this draft makes this less a need. Cb value drops significantly after Henderson and this is just as dire.
13) San Francisco - Javon Kinlaw DT South Carolina - I keep seeing Wr here, but again, they gave up Buckner and I think this is why. Get younger, and get cheaper, and get someone they can hang onto for 5 years. Wr can be gotten later.
14) Tampa Bay - Andrew Thomas OT Georgia - time to protect the G.O.A.T.
15) Denver - Henry Ruggs III Wr Alabama - need a burner to pull coverage from Sutton.
16) Atlanta - Trevon Diggs Cb Alabama

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Expert on nothing, opinionated on everything
17) Dallas - K'Lavon Chaisson DE LSU
18) Miami - OL is a major need, but talent isn't there. A trade down to get even more picks would be wanted, but no one really wants to move up. So lets get the top Rb in this draft, and give Tua and Co. a tool that will make his game that much better - D'Andre Swift Rb Georgia
19) Las Vegas - NOW we get the much needed Wr - CeeDee Lamb Wr Oklahoma - and Chucky is doing the big league happy dance.
20) Jacksonville - Jordan Love Qb Utah State - Yep, the move to wait pays off, as the ONLY other team I see moving to get Lamb is N.E. and I don't see them losing draft capital to do it, as they have so many holes.
21) Philadelphia - Wr right....right....Nope. Again, they have done a ton to address key needs - Cb with Slay and some pickups for DL. But the biggest hole this team has had is at LB. Wr is also an issue, but since they have Jackson returning, and are going to be stuck with Jeffery. I think they have to address the hole in the middle of this defense. Patrick Queen ILB LSU
22) Minnesota - Cb, Cb and more Cb - lost their top three, so this HAS to be addressed - A.J. Terrell Cb Clemson
23) New England - Justin Jefferson Wr LSU - don't like going Wr here, but they simply can't ignore the fact they have no depth here, and Edelman is NOT getting any younger. Have to give Qb, whoever that is, some tools. TE would be my first choice, but I simply don't see value at TE as the talent is pretty weak here.
24) New Orleans - Kenneth Murray ILB Oklahoma - must need as Alonso isn't healthy.
25) Minnesota - Wr here right? Nope. I am telling you, you don't let all three of your starting Cbs leave without a plan. Plan was to restock in draft. Pick is Damon Arnette Cb Ohio State
26) Miami - OT is the last need, so a reach here is going to happen - Josh Jones OT Houston
27) Seattle - Yetur Gross-Matos DE Penn State
28) Baltimore - LB is a dire need, but talent isn't there. Cesar Ruiz C/OG Michigan fills the hole made by Yanda retirement.
29) Tennessee - A. J. Epenesa DE Iowa - have to replace the talent that has left
30) Green Bay - Brandon Aiyuk Wr Arizona - need some deep speed to free up Adams and give some toys to Aaron Rodgers
31) San Francisco - Wr Tee Higgins Clemson - get the Wr they need to replace the loss of Sanders
32) Kansas City - Kristian Fulton Cb LSU - have to replace losses