Phicinfan's 1st Mock Draft for 2022


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Okay, I have been meaning to do this, but due to all the instability of who will pick where, trades, player movement and quite frankly lack of talent in this draft... I have waited til now. But with the draft coming next week, time to make a few tries.

In this mock, I am trying to actually predict what teams will do, not what 'I" think they will do or should do.

1) Jacksonville - two clear choices here, you go DE in Hutchinson or OT with one of the top OT's. Almost every mock I have seen lately has bee Hutchinson. However, a few sites bring out some great issues - 1) they run a 3-4 which Hutchinson isn't really suited for. 2) Their OL is awful, and yes they did FT their current OT, they can rescind that tag if they wish, or move him to a different spot. With the new HC being offensive minded, I think they swerve and go OT to help protect the young Qb. The pIck is Evan Neal OT Alabama
2) Detroit - They won't pass up this miss. With holes everywhere Detroit has the luxury to take the best player available - Aiden Hutchinson DL Michigan
3) Houston - Again, they have picks and they have needs. Best talent will go here and believe it or not he is there. Pick is Kayvon Thibodeaux DL/LB Oregon
4) NY Jets - going top corner here as a dire need at Defense. Ahmad Gardner Cb Cincinnati
5) NY Giants - many needs, but a top OT is there, so they have to protect whoever ends up being long term Qb - Ikem Ekwonu OT NC State
6) Carolina - here is where things get interesting. Panthers need a lot of help. OT, Qb and so on. I for one am NOT a fan of any of the Qbs in this draft for first round picks. I think one or two may end up being good, but not great and NOT worth a 1st round pick. So if I was doing what should be done a trade back or an OT would be the move here. But I am trying to guess what Carolina will do, and since they have not moved to get Garoppolo or Mayfield and they don't like Darnold. QB has to be the choice here as they don't have a 2nd round draft pick. Pick is Kenny Pickett Qb Pittsburgh - and this is a HUGE mistake.
7) NY Giants - okay got them the OT they needed. They have more OL needs, but they can address that later. Here we need some Defensive help. Top Edge rushers are gone. LB is deep, and top Cb is gone. I am going Cb here as I keep hearing they may lose their top Cb due to contract issues. So Derek Stingley Jr Cb LSU
8) Atlanta - oh yes the other team with a ton of needs, time to address the elephant in the room and get a WR to cover for losses. PIck is Garrett Wilson Wr Ohio State
9) Seattle - yes they need Qb, but not this draft. OL, Cb and Edge are all needs. Going Edge here with the fastest riser in this draft - Travon Walker DL Georgia
10) NY Jets - If any of the top Edge rushers were here that would be the choice. I got them the needed Cb so time to get them some more help on offense - Drake London Wr USC - give the 2nd year Qb some badly needed tools
11) Washington - Qb need was delayed with acquiring Wentz. Edge rush isn't needed and that's good cause best are gone. Cb talent is dropping. Wr may be really needed here depending on what happens with McLaurin. So we will go Wr or Lb here as both are needs. - Wr is deep so taking the top flight Lb they could really use - Devin Lloyd LB Utah
12) Minnesota - Cb and Edge are the key needs. I think Vikings run up to the podium to get Trent McDuffie Cb Washington
13) Houston - Okay got edge, CB talent is a bit lower value here. OL is a need, but more interior rather than OT, but no real trade candidates available. So WR here is an option as well as LB or Edge again. Qb could be option but I am buying the love of Miles Davis right now. So going Defense here, but with a twist - Kyle Hamilton S Notre Dame - best talent available and will be HUGE for Houston.
14) Baltimore - Ravens have DL needs so DT is available - Jordan Davis DT Georgia
15) Philadelphia - Eagles nearly trip over Ravens to put this pick in - Jermaine Johnson II DL Florida State
16) New Orleans - well the Saints are ticked they wanted Cb I bet an that is gone, DE talent is gone, WR talent is lower here, Qb isn't worth taking here so OT has to be filled for the loss - Charles Cross OT Mississippi State
17) LA Chargers - well crud, OTs are gone, so more defensive help here - Nakobe Dean ILB Georgia
18) Philadelphia - Edge addressed, CB is a huge need as is LB, but top Lbs are gone and so are top corners. I know everyone expects WR here again, and Olave is there... It comes down to 2 choices to me, WR or DT. Cox resigned for basically one year, but WR is dire need for young Qb. Choice is Chris Olave Wr Ohio State
19) New Orleans - OL addressed, CB value not here, lets get eventual Wr help - Jameson Williams WR Alabama
20) Pittsburgh - needs are OL, Db, DT and Qb. I just don't buy the Qb talk, so I am going OL and taking OT Trevor Penning Norther Iowa
21) New England - Defense will always be on Bill's mind and Cb is a need thanks to what has happened. Choice is Cb Andrew Booth Jr Clemson
22) Green Bay - Wr is picked over, but the need is there and Rodgers may have a fit if you don't do it - Treylon Burks Wr Arkansas
23) Arizona - need Cb, OL and DT - to me this is OL to get Kyler Murray protection - Tyler Linderbaum C/OG Iowa
24) Dallas - running to podium with need to replace Randy Gregory - DE George Karlaftis Purdue
25) Buffalo - NO they will NOT take a Rb, Rb in first round isn't worth it. They will however address other needs - Cb Kyler Gordon Washington
26) Tennessee - going best value here and hitting a need on DL at DT - Devonte Wyatt Georgia
27) Tampa Bay - Tom needs some interior protection - Kenyon Green OG Texas A&M
28) Green Bay - OL still a need, TE and DT are needs, but making Aaron happy is biggest need - Jahan Dotson Wr Penn State
29) Kansas City - David Ojabo DL/OLB Michigan - this won't be popular, but they have to replace DL eventually and this talent this late is a steal. KC can take that chance with back to back picks.
30) Kansas City - Skyy Moore Wr Western Michigan - My son goes to a MAC conf. school so I have see this kid play. He will fit in great with KC's offense.
31) Cincinnati - to me this is simple, either keep addressing OL or address the defense. Defense wins due to value - Kaiir Elam Cb Florida
32) Detroit - this will be a hard pick for Lions. Do you take a late first round flyer at Qb, to develop while Jared Goff is still there? You do get the 5th year option here. Lions have a ton of needs. I could see a trade back with one of the Qb hungry teams, but I think Lions do it - Malik Willis QB Liberty


Coming at you
Travon Walker is moving up the boards quickly. One CBS mock had him going #1. Would hate to see him fall to Seattle at 9

Hope Olave doesn't go to Philly. Another WR prospect that won't do much in that offense

Think somebody will reach for Willis before pick 32. Maybe Pittsburg.

I have spent less time than normal on the draft this year, so not much constructive input :(


Raven Maniac
Great Job Phicinfan!

I have seen Davis to the Ravens alot but in this draft here I like Jermaine Johnson or Charles Cross before him.....

They have no pass rush at all and who knows if Ronnie Stanley will ever be healthy again


Expert on nothing, opinionated on everything
Great Job Phicinfan!

I have seen Davis to the Ravens alot but in this draft here I like Jermaine Johnson or Charles Cross before him.....

They have no pass rush at all and who knows if Ronnie Stanley will ever be healthy again
Yeah seriously thought about Johnson or Cross there, but they need some run stuffing help at DT and I am pretty high on Davis