Okay need some help here...yeah me :D


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I am in the Professional league here, and Mudd has a great set of owners.

I am by some act of charity the #1 seed, and I WANT to win this league.

First round of playoffs, and I have this issue.

Lamar Jackson at Qb. This guy has been my best player outside of McCaffrey. He is playing the Jets, who's defense can be Jeckyl and Hyde. But my main concern is this:
1) they have a tendancy to pull Jackson late in games they are winning
2) he has a quad injury that I am sure he will play with, but I am also sure they will pull him as soon as things get out of hand.

Do I start Jackson anyway?
Start Wentz vs. Washington?
Start Ryan Tannehill vs. Houston?

I am somewhat leaning Tannehill as he has been on fire since taking over the Tenn. job, and this could be a shoot out vs. Houston.