Now that the dust has settled...


Bacon=greatest of all!
Just thinking back over the season now that it has concluded...

Things I noticed:

The much derided RBBC fad seems to be over. Teams are clearly choosing to use a primary back with 'change of pacers' getting less and less use. Even the Patriots used a primary back (S. Michel) when he was healthy more than any other year with the exception of the year they had Cory Dillon. The only team that even resembled a RBBC was the Saints and with Ingram being a FA that will probably not be the case next year.

WR bargains can still be had with some draft patience. Adam Thielen, Smith-Schuster and Tyler Lockett were all top 10 (standard scoring) and could be had after the 5th round in most cases. Stefon Diggs, Robert Woods, Tyler Boyd, Calvin Ridley were all in the top 20 and could be had much later in most redrafts.

The difference in stat lines of QBs is shrinking. Throwing out Mahomes who scored over 100 pts more than the next closest. The difference between the #2 QB and the #10 QB was less than 70pts. Over 13 games (typical fantasy season) that's 5 pts per game difference. Matt Ryan and Andrew Luck were the #2 and 3 QBs for fantasy points. Luck was often drafted after rd 10, Ryan often went undrafted. Now that the NFL is such a passing dominant league streaming QB's is not a far-fetched idea. Bargains can be had here!

Still hard for me to believe the NFL can't do a better job of managing bye weeks. I still think there is an unfair advantage in having bye week early for some and late for others. Seems simple enough to me, have 16 teams go on bye week 8 and the other 16 teams go on bye week 9. Then everyone is in the same stage of the season and you get it over with in 2 wks.

This was by far the worst year for kickers that I can remember. 'nuff said!

TE's are still a crap shoot! I had Jared Cook on every team I managed this year cause I could pick him up off the WW and he was the 5th highest scoring TE in standard scoring. George Kittle owners are still basking in the afterglow! For all that drafted Gronk in first 3 rds how did that work out? I will never draft another TE before the 10th rd!