Not new, but I missed y'all.


Wonder Woman
The world got crazy for me with building my business and raising a family. Then Covid hit. Then the Texans sucked and Deshaun Watson decided to abuse 30+ massage therapists. I took it personal as I'm a massage therapist in Oregon. Stopped watching the Texans and started rooting for the Seahawks. Last year my brother was diagnosed with Cancer, so we had to deal with that. A soft tissue sarcoma the size of an NFL Football was removed from his left quad (thigh). He's doing well and now has to have screenings every 3-4 months for the next 5 years.

I'm ready to get back to shit talking and having fun with football again. The Texans have changed up their philosophy this year. I love the Demeco Ryans HC signing. He's really turned that team around. I also love that Hannah McNair, wife of CEO Cal McNair, is getting more involved with the team's direction. CJ Stroud looks like the second coming of Joe Montana. Will Anderson Jr. looks like he could rival JJ Watt as the Texans' best defensive player of all time. Nice to see them go from worst to First in the division.

Glad to be back.
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