Not as bad but still very nervous


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Questionables are everywhere this week obviously. Feeling a little better here, But am thinking maybe PLAY Allen Robinson because primetime game? If it is going to happen it could be here? Or drop him maybe for somebody ... Renfrow is out there, Devontae Booker... Standard league with 6 point QB TD

(PS, I had to shoot down that trade because the dude basically told me he was trying to "make my team better" because he was "giving up")

QB Stafford vs TEN (His Q is gone)
WR Woods vs TEN (Q!)
WR Marvin Jones vs BUF (worst rated matchup, but should be throwing)
RB Jonathan Taylor (32 points, big)
TE Waller @ NYG
Flex Elijah Mitchell vs AZ (Q) (Bad Questionable, Wilson activated... ugh)
K McManus @ DAL (Was consistently over 10 points per game for a while there)
DEF New Orleans vs ATL (Wasted # 1 waiver finally on... this... sigh)
D Derwin James @ PHI
D Darius Leonard (5.00 pts, not bad, saw that nice Peanut Punch work out again)

BN Allen Robinson @ PIT
BN Javonte Williams @ DAL
BN Fournette BYE
BN Tampa Bay BYE
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