NFL early season so far.

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Have you seen a more surprising season through 3 weeks? Two 3-0 teams with one other team that can go 3-0 tonight with a win. That is crazy enough until you mention the name of the teams. (Dolphins, Eagles, Giants?) Only two teams without a win, one being the unexpected Raiders, and the other, as expected Texans. Cincy, Tennessee, Indy, Chargers, S.F., Arizona, and maybe the Cowboys with 1 win. Three teams in the NFL Central at 2-1 and the Lions could/should be at least 2-1. And finally, the Jags lead the AFC South over the underachieving Colts and Titans.


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Cinderella teams so far.....
NY Giants - Brian Daboll up for Saint status
Chicago - like them or not, they are winning in the black and blue way at 2-1
Miami - The place holder HC looks to be doing great with his team
Jacksonville - Doug Pederson working some magic with Lawrence and team

Biggest surprise bad team:
Bengals - was last year Cinderella?
Saints - Peyton Jr is not doing so well, and quite frankly the offense looks awful
Raiders - Can we get an O-line please?
Cardinals - say bye bye Kliff

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The biggest shocker for me is the Lions scoring 95 points so far, against the undefeated Eagles, a good Vikings D, and the Commanders. They have a +2 points differential and could be 3-0.