NFL Division Champion and playoff prediction thread 2020/21


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Season starts tomorrow folks! Get you picks in for who wins and who gets into the playoffs!!!

Buffalo - calling my shot here - I think with the add of Diggs and the adds to an already great defense AND Brady going bye bye...
Patriots - they won't be near as good, but the other two teams just suck
Dolphins - Tua won't play if they have their way, but Tua is the future and this team still has holes
Jets - Adam Gase fails again, and will be unemployed again

Ravens - Just keep going and going
Steelers - Big Ben will make it close if he can play all year
Browns - Even Mayfield can't miss that many great tools
Bengals - Burrows shows he is human, and can't fix #1 WR getting hurt again, and O-line not quite fixed

Colts - everyone lauds the fact they got Rivers - I laud more what they got on defense, and Taylor at Rb.
Texans - locked up Watson, but Cooks isn't Hopkins.
Titans - Henry will be dominant early, then will fall of, you can't have two huge carry seasons back to back, and Tannehill isn't all that. Clowney makes the defense fun to watch though
Jaguars - I love Minshew Mania - but no real running game, and no real Wr depth....makes for a poor offense. Defense could surprise some though

Chiefs - Andy has most of his troops back, and a HUGE add at Rb
Raiders - Las Vegas will get a thrill with more offense and a much improve defense.
Broncos - I like Lock, and I love all the Wrs they added, but a bit much for rookies to fix it all. I also think Gordon was a waste of FA dollars
Chargers - rebuild year, and defensive holes(D. James) makes them still not ready

#1 seed - Ravens
#2 seed - Chiefs
#3 seed - Bills
#4 seed - Colts
#5 seed - WC #1 - Steelers
#6 seed - WC #2 - Texans
#7 seed - WC #3 - Patriots

Round 1 - Chiefs obliterate Patriots, Bills eke out win over Texans in cold snowy Buffalo, Colts beat a weakened Patriots
round 2 - Ravens run all over Colts, Chiefs eke out win over Bills
championship - Ravens vs. Chiefs in Baltimore - Chiefs REPEAT


Expert on nothing, opinionated on everything
Cowboys - Dak is pissed, Wrs are stacked, Zeke doesn't care about bad O-line
Eagles - Wentz at some point will miss games, and Wrs are still not there. Sanders will help ,but not enough
Football Team - Yup I think they are on their way to make this team more viable
Giants - get a bit better, but still have so many holes on defense and O-line

Vikings - yup, I know Rodgers is pissed, but Vikings will run, and run heavy, and Cousins will pepper Theilan and Tes. Ngakoue will help protect young Cbs.
Packers - Adams can be taken away, and Rodgers will get frustrated again if its only heavy A. Jones. Defense still has holes as well
Bears - Trubisky is still the starter, and Foles won't make a difference(he is the perfect back up folks), plus running game will be weak again
Lions - Stafford has to survive to win, and I don't think he will again this year.

Saints - Many love the Bucs, I don't, and I can't pick against this stacked team
Buccaneers - Brady will win them games simply by not throwing the ball to the defense, but they will lose head to head vs. Saints
Falcons - Matty will carry the team again, but defense still can't stop folks
Panthers - love the changes, think Bridgewater will have a great year, but they still need lots of help

49ers - I am not a Garoppolo fan, but the defense is solid, and the running game will protect them
Seahawks - I feel for Russell, he goes out and carries that team, but they still need help stopping the other team
Cardinals - I AM a Murray fan, and I love Hopkins being there. Defense just isn't fully enough though - this is close with Seahawks
Rams - No real running game, Goff can't carry a team, Defense has lost some key pieces.

Seed #1 - Saints
Seed #2 - 49ers
Seed #3 - Vikings
Seed #4 - Cowboys
Seed #5 - WC #1 - Packers
Seed #6 - WC #2 - Seahawks
Seed #7 - WC #3 - Eagles

Round 1 - 49ers beat Eagles, Vikings beat Seahawks, Packers eliminate Cowboys and Dak gets the blame
Round 2 - Saints beat the Packers in a HUGE scoring fest, 49ers beat the Vikings
Championship - Saints beat the 49ers, to go to the SUPERBOWL


Expert on nothing, opinionated on everything
Superbowl - in what could be the highest scoring game in history, Chiefs win back to back Superbowls over Saints.