Nervous here too


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Full point ppr. I was pretty happy with both of these drafts now I am wondering if they were both disasters.

QB Jalen Hurts vs MIN
RB Aaron Jones vs CHI
RB Javonte Williams vs HOU
WR Cooper Kupp vs ATL
WR JuJu got 4 lousy points
TE Kmet @ GB (0 last week)
Flex Kareem Hunt vs NYJ
K Carlson vs AZ
DST 49ers vs SEA (Geno should be hurried)

BN Matt Ryan @JAX
BN Jakobi Myers @ PIT (has highest projected score)
BN Dameon Pierce @ DEN
BN Rashod Bateman vs MIA
BN Taysom Hill as TE vs TB... If the RB are hurt maybe I should risk it
BN Hilliard is OUT... This seems like a dead spot.. I thought I made a claim for Carr but either I forgot to or didn't get the priority


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Just need patience
Aaron Jones will pay out in passing game while Lazard is hurt
KC Wr looks to be a weekly crap shoot
I also think Denver run game will get better and Pearce will take over HOU RB
You should be fine here but yeah lose Hilliard he won’t keep repeating that


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This team smashed... Still 0 from TE though. Kittle is out there... But so is Keenan Allen... I know I need a TE but really Keenan Allen