Mostert SF RB 2019 Value ??

Arctic Dawgs

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We have a bit of room on our Hafax roster for a couple spots for next year.

What are your opinions on Mostert. Other options I am lookin at grabbing are Ajayi, Edwards, and Dixon. Has to be done in next couple days or can't keep him for next year. Strictly looking at 2019 value


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San Fran spent a ton to get McKinnon. They have Brieda as well. If they keep McKinnon, not sure how much value if any Mostert has.
I am feeling Philly may dump Ajayi for cap space and draft for Rb, I could be wrong, but that is the feeling I have - he can't stay healthy.
Edwards intrigues me....he is the bull back they have been missing in Baltimore for quite a while, and Dixon has never proven out.