Lost an RB.. .again... already...


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Freeman is out indefinitely... Sigh... This is the league I had been doing very well in for years but last lear injuries had me miss the playoffs. Looking bad already. .5 ppr, with stupid DST and K weirdness.

QB Newton @ ATL
RB David Johnson @ LAR (I did pick him on purpose in this league, but it was a while ago. The Cards SUUCK)
RB Carlos Hyde @NO (No choice, thought I was stacked at RB pre week 1)
WR Funchess @ATL (trash)
WR Marvin Jones Jr @SF (also trash)
TE Kelce @ PIT (um, really looked bad for him as they ignored him)
Flex Lockett? @ CHI (haven't decided, maybe a waiver bum)
DEF Jax vs NE (awful matchup)
K Tucker - 7 pts... vs Cincinatti ...

BN Freeman OUT
BN Sterling Shepard @ DAL
BN Geronimo Allison vs MIN
BN Jared Cook @ DEN (sweet bench last week... maybe I play a TE in flex? I seen this movie though, fall off time)
BN Flacco already played, and sucked.

I dropped Blount this week because at first glance, before the Freeman injury was announced, my WR looked paltry. And my RB I still loved despite yaknow, them sucking. Jalen Richard is available also. Figure I keep Flacco til week 4 when Newton has the BYE and hope Newton has a top 5 year like he always seems to. Maybe I just got week 1'd but I already feel like this team blows.