Looks like a loss


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Only week 2 but looking pretty bad… standard league, except 6 point throwing TD

QB Trey Lance vs SEA (I had already made the claim and I guess shouldn’t have thinking even people that didn’t like him have him ranked top 14)
WR Mike Evans @ NO (Q)
WR Gabe Davis vs TEN (all of a sudden questionable)
RB Mixon @DAL
TE Everett already played. Maybe a bright spot though got a lot of usage even if no td
Flex Jeudy vs HOU
K Folk @ PIT (probably should drop)
DEF Saints vs TB (might be ok)
D Derwin James played already, wish I got points for backbreakers
D Empty spot ( I guess I can safely drop dak?)

BN Etienne vs IND
BN James Robinson vs IND (Dameon Pierce got dropped… maybe pick him up? Although a Peterson RB seems more predictable than a Lovie)
BN Lazard vs CHI (Q, but I may have to play him? He should be huge this year)
BN Pacheco already played. Feel like must hold
BN Dak Prescott

IR Darius Leonard
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38 points. That’s a new low. Unbelievable. Like definitely in 14th place after this. I don’t understand. And dude texts to brag that he had 2 qb go for 100 points. You’re still an idiot. That just means you pissed away 50 points. And the rest of your team sucks you barely gonna get to 90. Way to carry a worthless extra player.


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Jimmy G available? Goff right now is doing very well with detroit, their offense is nothing to sneeze at.


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I am making a goff claim actually as my first claim :) But they have a lot of tough matchups on the horizon. I guess that's all I can do