Kiffin starting something at Tennessee?


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GAINESVILLE, Fla. – Ninety minutes after Tennessee had lost to Florida, in the gathering dusk behind Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, dozens of Volunteer fans were waiting for the boy hero. Once Lane Kiffin exited the locker room – wearing a sharp suit and sunglasses on his head even though the sun was long gone – they swarmed the coach.

They wanted autographs and photos and, most of all, they wanted to share this moment of victory in defeat.

Perhaps not since 1968, when the Boston Globe declared “Harvard beats Yale, 29-29” had the final scoreboard mattered so little to the postgame perception.

Florida had won, 23-13, yet the UT faithful out back hardly cared.

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Sgt John

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I think he is the right man for the job. Insert a QB in that offense and they might have beat Florida.

I think he is inside Meyer's head. Ive never known Meyer to need to attack another coaches play calling or make excuses for a closer than desired game.