Keenan Allen or Mike Williams


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Who do you like better for 2022? Redraft is what I'm looking at Mike Williams of course is the pick in a keeper.

Williams had some monster weeks last year but was very inconsistent. He outscored Allen, had more yards and Tds but a lot less receptions.

Faced with that decision on a couple drafts I split it and took Allen first time, but Williams in my latest draft.


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In full or half PPR, Allen for me. Not exciting, but if there is anyone who is a "cinch" for 110 catches, it's him.

Maybe this is the year Williams takes the next step and is more consistent, in which case I will be wrong, but until he does, I'll stick with old reliable.

Last year, Williams edged Allen by 4 points in 1/2 PPR scoring, but Allen had the edge in full point.