Fall out from the knee injury suffered by Patrick Mahomes Qb KC


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As we all know, the NFL is a high reactionary league, driven by its top starts.... i.e. Qbs.

As with rule changes after Aaron Rodgers hit and others, there will be the following rule changes in the NFL coming later this year....

1) There will be no real QB sneak anymore, instead the team will say - we are sneaking, and they will be automatically awarded 1 yard - credit to Wingo and Golic on ESPN radio
2) The sack will be eliminated as a tracked stat, and so will tackles for losses for Qbs.
3) Any hit to a Qb that has not crossed the line of scrimmage will automatically be a 15 yard roughing penalty. Player(s) that hit the Qb are automatically ejected from the game.
4) Any players that were drafted or acquired to be "sack artists" will be fined automatically for conduct detrimental to the league and team. Also suspended for their careers.
5) If a Qb goes beyond the line of scrimmage and becomes a "runner" he still cannot be tackled unless he is hit in an area between his shoulders and his waist. Any hit above or below that area is a roughing penalty for 15 yards and the player is ejected. If the Qb is hurt and the hit was in the "legal" area - then there will still be a 15 yard penalty assessed, but the hitting player will not be ejected - just fined.

I will assume this will take about a week or two to get all lined out and implemented. Sadly not all of this was in jest....just saying.... ;)