Everybody is Out again


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Got me a whole new squad again. Dunno how I am in 2nd... .5 ppr, some things rolled my way at the last second with the Patriots' situation

QB Russell Wilson @ GB (Wasn't The Packers' defense terrible at the beginning of the year?)
RB James Robinson @ IND
RB Mark Ingram @ TEN
WR DK Metcalf @ GB
WR Deebo Samuel vs LAR
TE Pitts @ DAL
Flex Emmanuel Sanders @ NYJ
Flex Rhamondre Stevenson vs CLE
K Tucker 4 points... seriously what happened to the Ravens
DST Rams @ SF

BN Adrian Peterson vs NO
BN AJ Dillon vs SEA (tempting play)
BN Odell Beckham @ SF
BN Mattison @ LAC (picked up thinking may be a suspension)

IR Chase Claypool
IR Derrick Henry


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Gotta be up to make sure Rhamondwhatever actually clears Concussion protocol this morning. He still hasn't as of yesterday but will test today