Drake London vs Treylon Burks redraft


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Who do you like better and when would you consider drafting them. I guess if you want to make a case for Olave, Wilson, or someone else I'm open to that as well. I guess I just feel based on opportunity those seem like the top two. In the actual draft I liked Wilson and Williams the best but feels like a lot of mouths to feed in the Jets offense, including two rbs who can catch balls out of the backfield and Moore and Davis, and the from Cincinnati who who's name escapes me keep want to say Udoka. An iffy QB situation as well. Williams probably won't play soon enough in a redraft to warrant a pick before 10th. Granted Tannehill and Mariota aren't world beaters but at least they have had some success.maybe it's just me but I feel like Mariota is a little underrated a d didn't get the fairest shake in Tennessee. I guess I like London's situation a bit better, but it's bothering me inspite of the production at USC he never seems to get any separation. Leaning Burks for that reason but noticing London is consistently going first wr in most of my best ball drafts I do as practice as well as a little bit of fun.


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Skyy Moore going later seems to be getting a lot of hype on fantasy radio. Going later so maybe that's the play but I'm concerned KC brought in so many wrs. Juju, MVS, still have Hardeman. Think they drafted a second receiver besides Moore if I recall right and also use their rbs to catch balls as well as still have Kelce. Feels like that could be frustrating to figure out which one hits from week to week. Also heard a rumor they were looking into acquiring Laviska Shenault from Jacksonville.


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I am not a Burks fan, He isn’t an AJ Brown replacement, He could be a great slot Wr. TEN needs more AND a healthy Woods.
I do like Drake London but hate his situation. Had the Falcons kept Matt Ryan I would be all over Pitts and London. But Mariota won’t survive and Ridder needs at least a year.

Olave in NO and Watson in GB are the best young WR options this year. I give Watson the edge due to lack of competition and Rodgers at Qb.
Olave IF Winston continues to improve is in a great place as well, but may have to contend with Michael Thomas for touches


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I like Burks just because of the lack of competition. Woods coming off a mid season ACL. They have to throw to somebody

The only rookie WR I would draft in redraft is Olave. The longer the Thomas situation goes on, the more I like him. Obviously the Falcons disagree but I just don't think London is that physically talented.


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London getting lots of hype now. I have very little of either one because they are going higher than I thought they would. Grabbed Olave in my latest draft and then got Pierce really late 16th round I think it was.