Did I get week 1'd? Too much RB


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Last week, Phicin said bench Cook for Conner, which excellent call, everybody else blew rocky mountain oysters. Also, Cook did get the healthy share of touches and looked really good. Conner went pretty hard, and who knows how long I have him. He/you also said always start David Johnson, which, I know and have always played by the whole start your studs maxim. However, having seen some of that game as well... The Cardinals are bad. Really bad. They just paid him big. When they are down 20 plus weekly, they may just bench him. Why ride him when they are getting stomped? Anyway, I did NOT want Johnson in this league. However, my computer froze. So I have him. I am thinking he may be the bench this week, but again, my WR are seemingly so bad, and if Watson is on his RG3 like sophomore tour, this season is probably done, and I will be a salty ass all year. Football is already shitty to watch, so maybe you guys can help me glean a tiny bit of Sunday happiness... Standard league, 6 pts for all QB TD, and some IDP love usually helps me out

QB Watson @ TEN
WR T.Y. Hilton @WAS
WR Marvin Jones @ SF (yes, both of these drafts I went RB heavy and my wr suck)
RB David Johnson @ LAR (I coulda had freakin Kamara. I may have taken him first overall had I had the pick in any league. ANyway, I am thinking bench Johnson)
TE Njoku @ NO (He didn't do a goddamn thing last week, and this is a 14 teamer so... no waiver TE)
Flex Conner vs KC
K Tucker (mediocre again)
DEF Rams vs AZ
D Telvin Smith Sr vs NE (not as much involvement last week as I hoped)
D Reshad Jones @ NYJ

BN Jamaal Williams vs Min (nope)
BN Jameis Winston OUT
BN Dalvin Cook @ GB (again, I am thinking play cook, take out johnson)
BN Randall Cobb vs MIN (maybe he is a decent play, if Rodgers and Davante Adams play the attention of that D may be on adams and graham