DFS week 7


Who Dey
Well I am late to my line-ups this week and I feel it is a weird week. I find myself on a much smaller core than normal...could lead to either a boom or bust week I feel. I have had a couple good weeks in a row, so might as well roll the dice and see if I found the right core.

QB: Cousins, Winston, Mayfield - also made some dart throw line-ups with Watson, Flacco, Luck
RB: Gurley, Chubb, Kerr Johnson - Here is where my week will be won or lost I think. I did not stay much at all from these 3. Used Duke with my Mayfield stuck instead of Chubb and sprinked in a Zeke or two. But I am 100% on Gurley, something I rarely do...just didn't see a reasson not to with the volume available with Chubb and 4800.
WR: Theilan, Diggs, Woods, Brown, Golladay, Goodwin, Landry, Evans - Made up my core. A few others sprinkled in.
TE: - Njoku, Clay, Allen - went sheap here this week. I hope Ertz and Ebron don't make me regret that.
D: Well...ugh...I went with the Lions in almost 100% of my line-ups. Loved the price and the opponent. If it hits, I'll be sitting good. If they score 4...I'll be wishing I diversified here as I usually do....