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I pretty much just stick to cash games on the DraftKings main slate and I typically make 2 lineups and spread them out evenly over about 10 different contests.

I usually enter about 4 head to head matchups and I search for players that don't have the "experience" badges. I also enter about six 50/50 contests with at least 100 players involved.

I've had mediocre results using this strategy... just wondering how some of you all are approaching DFS. How many lineups do you make and how many contests do you typically enter?? Any tips or tricks??


I always count on the 50/50's or the double,triple,etc ups to make sure i break even. I enter a few almost lottery type ones just because. I try to only enter 2-3 different lineups and depending how I like them I enter about 7-10 entries each. I never bet more than $5 an entry and sometimes just a boat load of .25 cent ones if I don't like the week. I do the same for fanduel but just not as many entries and somestimes do up to $25 entries. I always try to pair a QB with a WR
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I looked up my history on FD and my 50/50's werent as good I as thought. I am 15-16 in those. My double,triple ,quintuple up record is 28-37 with many of the wins being triple ups so am way ahead on the ups


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I play mostly small $ tournaments .25 to $3. Then $2 and $5 double ups. My favorite tournaments are the $1 with a max of 1 or 3 entries. Generally spend $4 for 4 entries on those. My lineups are mostly similar for tournaments. I go all in on a few players each week and have them in most if not all the tournament lineups then tweak the other guys. Try and pick guys that wont ne overwhelmingly owned but have a chance for a big game. Last week I chose Hopkins on almost all my teams which bombed big. Previous week strategy worked a lot better with Jimmy Graham. This year I've been gambling a little more than usual about 15-20 a week. If i start losing that might change to 5-10 range. Last week was a tough one. Lost about $10. previous 3 weeks I was in the black.

Thinking of trying to claw back that $10 with more double ups this week.

I am a little bit more succesful on double ups than tournaments but not much more.

I do think its a lot of fun to play. As long as I am winning enough times to at least hover near break even I likely will keep playing as lo g as its legal of course.I also think it helps me make better decisions on my season long leagues with pickups and in setting my lineup. So in that respect is been a net gain.