Bench Hunt for Pierce?


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Bears are pretty awful, Lovie will want to embarrass them, and it seems like Pierce is getting more share each week. Meanwhile, Hunt is pretty up and down but this is a full PPR... If I were to start Hunt Thursday I would probably slot him into an RB spot just in case

QB Hurts @ WAS
RB Aaron Jones @ TB (This could be bad)
RB Javonte Williams vs SF (This coach could be the worst we have seen in a LONG time)
WR Kupp @ AZ
WR Bateman @ NE
TE Kittle @ DEN (Obviously with the caveat if he plays, although I am super stoked to get him)
Flex Dameon Pierce @ CHI
K Carlson @ TEN
DST 49ers @ DEN (again, Hackett is clown shoes)

BN Kareem Hunt vs PIT (I have hunt in for now)
BN Jakobi Meyers vs BAL (Baltimore can't cover anybody, and he is very clearly hogging the targets)
BN Juju @ IND (I dunno that he can be started with any confidence)
BN Kmet vs HOU
BN Pacheco @ IND
BN Matt Ryan vs KC


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First off Aaron Jones is fine even vs. Tampa cause Rodgers has no go to WR yet. Jones will get rush and receiving yards.
I would say yes to Pierce, and no to Hunt. I think the PIT vs. CLE game will be a FG game. Both teams not great of offense, and PIT defense is actually pretty stout.