Anyone playing dfs?


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Have my weeks but usually get greedy and lose it later. I put way less into it than I used to $25 on yahoo down to 5. I might add another 25 if I extinguish that, but that's likely it for the year. Definitely more productive ways to spend money and it feels like it gets tougher every year. Some is winning but it sure ain't me. You would think with experience I'd get better not worse but I think others are just getting incrementally better. I have missed cashing with some pretty solid lineups that feels like they would have won a couple years ago.


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Every week. I play almost all on Fan Duel at this point. Ups and Downs, but been okay this year.


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I play on FanDuel and mostly just pick a 1:00 game and 4:00 game and play for $1. Last week won $45. If I ever get up past 100 I might start putting more lineups up.