2023 QBs in redraft


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The last couple years have seen a bit of a swing from wait, wait and wait some more on QBs to taking one of the top 5 in the round 3-5 range. But looking at the depth this year, might be swinging back to wait until the top 7 are off the board and then jump in the 7-8 round range.


Would be happy with any of these 8 as my starter. Really like Dak this year as well as the Cowboys have upgraded with Cooks, and Gallup should be totally recovered from his ACL but think there is a definite drop off after Lawrence.


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Depends on the league I guess. I somehow managed to navigate Daniel Jones and Geno Smith tandem to my first championship in a long while in my longest running home league once Lance went down. Granted Justin Jefferson and Travis Kelce as my first two picks helped a lot. Still I think depending on your league scoring rules you may be able to wait of your league has a lot of starters and only one QB. Agree there is a drop off though. On that list I like Lawrence the best given he will likely be drafted last of that group. I think if I can get Lawrence in round 6 or 7 and then maybe pair with Jordan Love late that might be a formidable duo considering you can load up on other positions. Herbert wasn't all that good last year might be available for a discount and if he can perform like he did season before last he could be another bargain. I think I will stay away from Lamar unless he is still holding out and his draft position sinks like a stone to the point I could take a chance late, late. but even then I'm concerned he may either sit out or if he plays on the franchise tag will not play if he is even like 95% and not 100%. Plus even though him and OBJ are friends Om a bit wary of incentives in OBJs contract for receptions could make him a malcontent if he isn't getting the ball a lot.