2023 QB assessment - who is going for top draft pick QBs?


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Start with AFC
AFC - East
- Josh Allen
Miami - Tua Tagovailoa
New York Jets - Aaron Rodgers/Zach Wilson - I assume Rodgers plays next year so they are fine
New England - Mac Jones/Bailey Zappe - if they keep losing they get another shot at drafting top QB.
AFC - North
- Kenny Pickett - he hasn't been their main issue, but he also has not developed as much as thought
Cincinnati - Joe Burrow
Cleveland - Deshaun Watson - he isn't the old Deshaun, but contract keeps him there
Baltimore - Lamar Jackson - amazing talent, but he can't seem to win the big games and carry the team
AFC - South
- Anthony Richardson - great talent, but he better learn to damn well slide
Houston - C.J. Stroud - this kid looks great amazing what he has done
Tennessee - Ryan Tannehill - solid but not spectacular, but they have spent two draft picks already for the future
Jacksonville - Trevor Lawrence - He still isn't as good as expected, but he is there for long haul
AFC - West
Kansas City
- Patrick Mahomes
Los Angeles Chargers - Justin Herbert
Las Vegas Raiders - Jimmy Garoppolo - not the savior as thought
Denver - Russell Wilson - better this year than he has been lately, but is he the long term answer?

Of the AFC teams - New England and Denver probably will be high enough in the draft to take a QB. New England is in definite need.


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Now the NFC
NFC - East
- Dak Prescott - time for him to go, but he has money tied up so will stay
Philadelphia - Jalen Hurts
New York Giants - Daniel Jones - yuck bad money spent here
Washington - Sam Howell - I like this kid, he is tough and has carried that offense some. Not a show stopper but he is solid
NFC - North
- Jared Goff
Minnesota - Kirk Cousins - he is done, will post more on this in summary
Green Bay - Jordan Love - has been pretty solid and better than thought
Chicago - Justin Fields - if he JUST had an O-line. more below here as well
NFC - South
New Orleans
- Derek Carr - is what he is
Tampa Bay - Baker Mayfield - he is a stop gap - will need to draft for the future
Carolina - Bryce Young - learning the hard way, hope he can stay healthy
Atlanta - Desmond Ridder - just not that good, probably looking here
NFC - West
San Francisco
- Brock Purdy - no more questions here...
Los Angeles Rams - Matthew Stafford - time to put him to pasture
Arizona Cardinals - Kyler Murray/Josh Dobbs - I am hearing rumors team may move if they can Murray. Lets see what happens
Seattle - Geno Smith - not as safe as thought. Looking here is possibility.

So QB situation in NFC is a bit more issue.
Minnesota - Cousins can't be tagged due to cost, and its time to move on. Best hope is they keep losing and can get one of the top QBs in draft
Chicago - hear me out, I love what Fields can do, but here is the issue. They quite frankly could have the top 2 picks in this draft. If that happens, why not trade Fields, get more draft capital and continue to rebuild this team. Need more OL, need major Defensive help. Need at least another solid WR. Time to trade Fields to a team like Tampa, Seattle, Arizona, Atlanta, Denver.... and get more picks to rebuild and get another 5 years with low salary QB cost with high draft pick.
Giants - they too have to hope to keep losing and draft Jones' replacement.
Cardinals - if they can get someone to take Murray, then they will continue to be low and get a new Qb in draft - or move to get Fields or sign Cousins.

Cousins will be the top FA QB next year, and could see teams like Seattle, Giants, Tampa going for him


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If Chicago ends up with top 2 picks they ought to take Caleb Williams and Marvin Harrison Jr. Then trade Fields for picks they can use on the Oline. I think Carolina maybe second guessing trading up for Young. Im not going to say he is a bust yet, but play has been bad, and Williams is a generational talent.

I think you are being a bit hard on Lawrence, he has played better than the overall stats indicate. I feel like he is going to hit his stride soon and have a big second half of the season. They got a big win against the Bills last week. Tough to fly back from London and play the next week, so I think they could be in line for a let down game, but I am expecting they have a big second half and run away with the division.


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I love Fields skill set but it’s still a question if he is the guy long term. Issues with coaching, the line, talent and injuries kind of cloud the assessment. Fields himself has a part of the blame around holding the ball too long and ability to read the right play. We’ll see.

Either way a big deal will happen whether they trade Fields or they trade the top pick (assuming Chicago or Carolina has it). No question that they need at least 4 or 5 major upgrades. 1 Wr, 2 o-line, 2 d-line and maybe another DB. A very deep drat for QBs next year beyond Caleb and studs at all other positions of needs.

Keep in mind the whole coaching staff is on the hot seat. Eberflus is 4-19 since taking over. Poles himself may be safe but for how long?