2023 begins!


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What's up guys?!?! Just when I thought my rosters were no brainers, my exact "question" was raised on a fantasy show and they all were without question quickly on the other side of it. The caller had Gibson vs Javonte and the three experts were all like oh yeah Javonte no question. They weren't my favorite analysts but worrisome that all went so quickly the other way. This is a 14 team standard, 6 point QB TD, which last year did not go well at all. This year I think I should be very good? At least I got rid of Kicker. Not DST yet sadly. I guess I could drop Bigsby or Juju maybe and get like Eli Mitchell, ken Gainwell, Irv Smith, Kendre Miller, Achane, KJ Osborne, Curtis Samuel, Gallup, Gus bus...

QB Burrow @ CLE
WR Jaylen Waddle @ LAC
WR Mike Evans @ MIN (I was kinda thinking he was dumpy but contract year)
RB Chubb vs CIN
TE Kittle @ PIT
Flex Antonio Gibson vs AZ
DEF Baltimore vs HOU
D Micah Parsons @ NYG (He should be a monster?)
D Jordyn Brooks vs LAR (100 tackles two years in a row, not projected great)
D Nick Bosa @ PIT (just got paid)

BN Javonte Williams vs LV
BN Charbonnet vs LAR
BN Juju vs PHI
BN Doubs @ CHI
BN Tank Bigsby @ IND
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Honestly I might lean Charbonnet at flex as Walker was questionable to start this week


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Ah jeez so 1 charb over 2 Williams over 3 Gibson? I was. Abe going to drop him for kitties replacement too but draft him because I don’t see walker making it the whole year. This 14 team stuff is butal