2021 Phicinfan's NFL Mock Draft #4 - this is if "I" were the GM


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I know not many will agree with me on this, and that is fine, but I am going by my rankings, and from some key information I have found.

Here we go:
1) Jacksonville - Trevor Lawrence Qb Clemson - no surprise here.
2) New York Jets - Justin Fields Qb The Ohio State - Surprised? Here is my thoughts - by trading away Sam Darnold, this player will have to start and play right away. While I appreciate the "experts" who are all over Zach Wilson, here are some key issues - 1) he is from a small school, and has not really played against major competition. 2) He has had injury issues in the past. 3) He isn't all that big, and not sure he can survive the pounding he will get as NY rebuilds. Due to talent, durability and overall readiness - Fields is the pick.
3) San Francisco - Zach Wilson Qb BYU - yeah I know, I said all that above. But here is where SF is different than NYJ - they HAVE an O-line and Talent to protect Wilson and let him learn. They also have Jimmy G who will start the year and if not play all year, play til he gets hurt again, giving the team time to get Wilson ready for NFL.
4) Atlanta - okay here is where things twist. While the top 3 Qbs are off the board, it was not in the order expected. Still, there are two solid Qbs out there that can be developed. The issue here is where is Atlanta thinking. They have Matt Ryan, and he is a HUGE cap hurt this and next year, especially if they walk away. While trading down would be preferable, I don't see anyone willing to deal up this high for the cost for the two left. Atlanta goes for the best talent on the board - Kyle Pitts Te Florida and gets the future replacement for Julio Jones.
5) Cincinnati - this pick has been set since the draft order was set. Bengals HAVE to protect Joe Burrow. He is their franchise and their future. I don't care who thinks Chase is the top option or best Wr. The Offense has to protect Joe. Has to. Now, I will state, Cincy will waffle if Pitts is here, but he won't be IMO. So the pick here is clear - Penei Sewel OT Oregon. This will allow the team to move current LT Jonah Williams to the right side where he is better set to play. Reiff will give depth at OT for injury protection.
6) Miami - again, this was decided by what went before. If Pitts or Sewel are there, they would be the picks IMO. But with both gone the pick is Ja'Marr Chase Wr LSU
7) Detroit - Has so, so many needs. OL, Defense in general and Wr since they lost their two starters. So I am thinking they have to grab a Wr here. Jaylen Waddle Wr Alabama is the choice. Why Waddle over Smith? Size, speed and durability.
8) Carolina - TRADE - Washington Football team - Wow, just wow. They traded to get Sam Darnold, and here they have Mac Jones and Trey Lance sitting in their laps. This is a major, major gain here. But they have major needs and Sam is in the drivers seat for now. So this allows them to trade back, and get some picks, and still get some needed talent. Washington is getting the Qb of the future, Pick is Trey Lance Qb North Dakota State - so Ron Rivera can get his future Cam Newton(who is better than Cam...) - they also sneak him away from New England.
9) Denver - Mac Jones QB Alabama - Drew Lock is okay, but he is not what they need. They HAVE the Wrs and they have the Rbs to make an offense work. They even have TE covered. O-line is solid, but can be improved later. But they need some QB to challenge and make this team even better. In this division, Qb play is a must.
10) Dallas - Patrick Surtain II Cb Alabama - the defense was terrible, and this will address one key need. Need pass rush as well, but talent isn't worth this high a pick.
11) NY Giants - Devonta Smith Wr Alabama - finally get their OBJ replacement, to try and develop Daniel Jones. This will be a make or break year for Daniel.
12) Philadelphia - top Wrs are off the board and I am DAMN GLAD!!! It is time Philly, it is long damn time to make Lb a real target and fix the middle of this defense. Cb is also a great option here and is another need but I think this pick is more important. Pick is Micah Parsons ILB Penn State
13) LA Chargers - Rashawn Slater OT Northwestern
14) Minnesota - Christian Darrisaw OT Virginia Tech
15) New England - Qbs are gone, Wrs are gone, Te's are gone. Time to build the defense back and take a top end rusher - which fits Belichick - Jaelan Phillips DE Miami
16) Arizona - need some Cb help to cover loss of Peterson - Caleb Farley Cb Virginia Tech - best Cb of the draft and only fell this low due to back surgery
17) LA Raiders - defense and OL. They completely blew up their OL this year, so to me this is the key. OL Alijah Vera-Tucker USC should be the best fit here.
18) Miami - Okay, they got a solid Wr, and they need more to help out Tua. Rb is a real option here, as is OL, but OL has been pretty tapped out. So time to get a game changer for this team - Travis Etienne Rb Clemson
19) Carolina - Previous trade with Washington - is thrilled here. They traded down for more picks and get a great Cb and great value - Jaycee Horn Cb South Carolina is the pick and he instantly improves that defense.
20) Chicago - No Qb here, so will have to look later for that fix(typical Bears here....) - OL, Wr are also needs. This draft is deep in Wr talent, and picking one here is a reach. I think they have to go O-line and protect Dalton - Tevin Jenkins OT Oklahoma State
21) Indianapolis - Need to continue to build D-line and O-line - so lets get some DL pressure - Kwity Paye DL Michigan
22) Tennessee - Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah Lb Notre Dame
23) NY Jets - Okay got the Qb they needed, but need a Rb to run like crazy - but not the Rb you think.... Javonte Williams Rb North Carolina
24) Pittsburgh - are sweating bullets here, but RUN to the podium with this pick after Jets pick - Najee Harris Rb Alabama
25) Jacksonville - S Trevon Moehrig TCU
26) Cleveland - yes they signed Clowney and they have Garrett, but they need depth and more pass rush - Gregory Rousseau De Miami
27) Baltimore - Terrance Marshall Jr Wr LSU - big strong kid that will get this team the Wr they need.
28) New Orleans - Greg Newsome II Cb Northwestern - need Wr and Cb and talent at Cb is more needed to fill holes that were left after FA
29) Green Bay - Rashod Bateman Wr Minnesota - time to get Rodgers that other Wr he has always wanted, and this kid is a great fit!
30) Buffalo - No this won't be a Rb - they don't take Rb in the first, not since Spiller and look how that turned out. Zaven Collins OLB Tulsa gets some outside rush, and more importantly fixes LB depth they need.
31) Kansas City - Jaylen Mayfield OT Michigan
32) Tampa Bay - Nick Bolton ILB Missouri


Expert on nothing, opinionated on everything
wow, no Harris!! If Miami drafts a RB at 18 it better be Najee Harris. I like Etinne but in the second.
Based it on the fact that Miami needs a game breaker, and that is not Harris. Harris is more a plodding solid horse the kind of banger that Pittsburgh would be more inclined to use.


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Based it on the fact that Miami needs a game breaker, and that is not Harris. Harris is more a plodding solid horse the kind of banger that Pittsburgh would be more inclined to use.
Not sure I agree, I think Etinne is more explosive, but Harris can do it all. I just hope they don't spend the 18th on a RB.


Expert on nothing, opinionated on everything
Not sure I agree, I think Etinne is more explosive, but Harris can do it all. I just hope they don't spend the 18th on a RB.
Actually with the trade they just did with Washington, you are probably right. Betting they go OL or maybe go LB