2020 NFL Mock Draft - Phicinfan's I can't believe its a draft - draft.


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Okay this one is my more riskier draft. I am doing what "I" think needs to happen, for each team, and will explain my moves as it goes.

1) Cincinnati - Joe Burrows Qb LSU - Yeah, would love to have Miami or some other team move up and give a ton of picks to make Cincy move. But it just isn't going to happen. This is still a Brown's family owned team.
2) Washingon - SHOCK PICK - Tua Tagovailoa Qb Alabama - Yes, New HC and GM talk Daniel Snyder into taking a Qb again, and getting the REAL Qb of the future for Washington. This will of course make the next few picks VERY interesting. Key here is do the Redskins then deal Haskins....
3) Detroit - TRADE - Los Angeles Chargers - Yup, you guessed it. Chargers NEED a Qb of the future and once again want to snipe Miami so they move quickly to deal with Detroit. Chargers select - Justin Hebert Qb Oregon.
4) NY Giants - Chase Young DE Ohio State - I had them set to take OT here, but you simply can't pass up the player. I would not be shocked to see someone trade up to get extra picks for Giants - but then again, knowing the Giants - they would screw it up.
5) Miami - Tristan Wirfs OT Iowa - This is Miami's nightmare. They have moved through FA with ease and picked up many pieces to improve, but they didn't get the franchise Qb they wanted, and didn't get the DE that could change the game. This comes back to haunt Miami at some point.
6) Detroit - previous trade with LAC - Jeff Okudah Cb Ohio State - deep down, I do think Detroit is thinking the future when Stafford is done, but they have way too much invested in Stafford, and they desperately need to replace Slay who they traded to Philadelphia.
7) Carolina - Derrick Brown DT Auburn - LB is a close pick here, but Simmons is more of an OLB and they need ILB. Brown will help rebuild the decimated defensive line in Carolina.
8) Arizona - Mekhi Becton OT Louisville - Must pick for Arizona - they have to help protect the young Qb and get him more time to throw, and protect his body. IT also will greatly help the running game.
9) Jacksonville - SHOCK PICK - Jordan Love Qb Utah - I made this pick last time, and I am sticking with it. Gardner Minshew is NOT the future of this team. I don't think Cam is the answer either. I also think that getting Jameis Winston would be a HUGE mistake. So grab the young gun, let him learn for a year, Had ANY of the top three defenders still been there - Young, Brown or Okudah, that would have been the pick. Henderson at Cb is still an option...but they wanted to grab this guy before Miami comes back up and get another shot at the young Qb.
10) Cleveland - Jedrick Willis Jr OT Alabama - yeah as before I KNOW they signed Conklin at OT in FA - but he is a RT. They NEED a left OT to protect Baker better. They have the Wrs, they have TE, they have Rb, they have a decent D. But they HAVE to fix that awful OL
11) NY Jets - Jerry Jeudy Wr Alabama - this team needs a ton, but the ONE thing it MUST do is get tools for Sam Darnold to use. Loss of Anderson in FA really hurts this offense, and I am NOT the huge fan of Perriman as some. So bringing in a young Wr for Sam to help develop with is a must.
12) Las Vegas - CeeDee Lamb Wr Oklahoma - yes I had them take Cb last draft and probably would again, but Chucky has to prove if Carr is the guy or not, and to do that they really need Wrs to help Carr develop. They have added some help with Agholor and Witten at TE, but lets face it, Lamb is really what that offense needs to take pressure off of Carr and Jacobs
13) San Francisco - previous trade with Indianapolis(Buckner) - Javon Kinlaw DT South Carolina - too good to pass up, and I don't think they need to trade up to get him like I had before. This is a pure need, other than Wr, which I don't think is a urgent as some.
14) Tampa Bay - Andrew Thomas OT Georgia - Again, they spent to get the GOAT, they need to keep him off his back.
15) Denver - Henry Ruggs III Alabama - Need a running mate for Sutton, and this kid can fly. Lock is dancing a jig right now.
16) Atlanta - Isaiah Simmons OLB Clemson - Pass rushing from the outside is a dire must, and the Falcons RUN to the microphone to make this pick.


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rest of draft:
17) Dallas - K'Lavon Chaisson OLB LSU - outside pass rush is a dire need for Big D.
18) Miami - Xavier McKinney S Alabama - again they got sniped at Qb thanks to Jax, and so they move on and get some more defensive help that is needed.
19) Las Vegas - Trevon Diggs Cb Alabama - yes they signed Eli Apple in FA, but they still need help, and got the Wr they needed earlier.
20) Jacksonville - previous trade with LAR(Ramsey) - Damon Arnette Cb Ohio State - Need to replace the lost Cbs in trade and FA this year.
21) Philadelphia - TRADE LA Rams - for Wr Brandin Cooks - Rams select - Patrick Queen ILB LSU - they have to fill the holes lost to FA, and this kid will make the team so much better. This also solves Philly's Wr issue.
22) Minnesota - previous trade with Buffalo(Diggs) - Kristian Fulton Cb LSU - they lost 3 starting Cbs in this FA period, Wr need also but this is more dire IMO.
23) New England - Justin Jefferson Wr LSU - Stidham has almost NO tools to work with Te or Wr is the pick here, and Te value is NOT there yet.
24) New Orleans - Kenneth Murray ILB Oklahoma - Must need at LB, and no idea of Alonso will be healthy enough to play.
25) Minnesota - A. J. Terrell Cb Clemson - back to back Db picks is never heard of, but it IS needed. Wr depth in this draft allows them to wait to draft a Wr later in this draft.
26) Miami - previous trade with Houston(Tunsil) - D'Andre Smith Rb Georgia - this is a must for the offense, Wr could help but the draft is stacked. Qb value is simply not there.
27) Seattle - Yetur Gross-Matos DE Penn State - best fit and pass rushing is a need. Especially if they don't re-sign Clowney.
28) Baltimore - Cesar Ruiz C/OG Michigan - have to find the long term replacement for Yanda retiring, and keep that offense clicking.
29) Tennessee - Josh Jones OT Houston - Must need to replace loss of Conklin
30) Green Bay - Brandon Aiyuk Wr Arizona - Have to find a match to pair with Adams, this kid can only help
31) San Francisco - Tee Higgins Wr Clemson - they need a Wr to help the passing offense, and they are thrilled this guy dropped to here.
32) Kansas City - Jaylon Johnson Cb Utah - biggest need - must be nice to have that as the only real issue.

Now, this all being said, I do believe NE or Miami(yes you heard me) will send a 2nd round pick to Cincinnati for Dalton. Why? NE cause Andy will be willing to be back up on a team that always has a chance to be in playoffs or championship, and he is great protection for Stidham. Why Miami? They made a big push to get talent to win now, and quite frankly, Fitzgerald isn't as good as Dalton, and Andy could help that team win now, for the cost of a 2nd rounder. IF Jacksonville doesn't go Qb in first round - which I still think they do, I could see Jags do this as well.


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No one is paying a 2nd round pick for Dalton. He is more in the Foles tier with a 4th or 5th round value. I think the Pats also have enough hubris to just go with Stidham and Hoyer.


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Maybe, maybe not. I know ONE thing. Qb is a must in this league. Post the top 3 or 4 in this draft the rest are a crap shoot. IMO.
That being said, Jacksonville, LA Chargers, Washington, Philly and a few others have terrible options.

FAs still available:
Cam Newton - but he is coming off two years of major injury and won't be able to prove he is healthy.
Jameis Winston - has great talent, but a 2 cent head. Throws picks like candy. Learning behind a serious existing Qb would be his best option

then you have Dalton.

Of the three above, I am betting NE, Washington and Philly would rather lean Dalton, especially if he gets cut.

If I were Cincinnati, I don't deal him for less than a 3rd round pick. If no takers, you keep him for veteran support of the rookie at a not to terrible deal.